The Father's Day Gifts That Give Mom Some Alone Time

Yes, Father's Day is a day designated to celebrating all the dads in the world who get it done day and day out. They deserve a gift that thanks them for all they do and brings a smile to their face. And if that happens to be a Father's Day gifts that give mom some alone time too, well then it's just better for everyone involved.

Although it's impossible to generalize today's modern family (or at least highly unadvisable), in most homes, mom spends the majority of the time with the kids, does the majority of the housework, and has the least amount of time to herself. This hold true whether she holds full-time jobs outside the home, works from home, or stays home full time. Most men work full time jobs and are away from their family for most of the day, so it makes sense that some quality time together would be high on their list of special ways to spend their Father's Day

Letting Dad get some quality time with the kiddos while Mom conveniently get some much needed alone time, is one of the best parenting win-win's out there. And if the event is enticing enough, chances are he won't even mind taking the kids out for a little one on one action.


Movie Tickets

A trip to the movies with his favorite kids is a simple and affordable way to keep them all entertained and happy while you get some quiet time at home.


Tickets To A Sporting Event

There's no harm in only buying enough tickets for him and the kids. Seeing his favorite team play live will be a great bonding experience that they'll all remember forever.


A Game Of Paintball

If your kids are older, a friendly game of paintball (or laser tag, for a less painful option,) is the perfect Father's Day excursion.


Dinner On You (Just Not With You)

Every family has that "one" restaurant that everyone else loves but mom always vetoes. Give them the green light for a mom-free meal, and enjoy your solitude.


An Afternoon Picnic

If your guy is an outdoor addict, let him take the kids on a stress-free afternoon of fishing, camping, or hiking. You could even buy him a new fishing pole or those pair of hiking boots he's been eyeing to sweeten the deal.


Video Games

If you've got a gamer on your hands, pick up a brand new video game and let the kids and dad engage in some friendly competition while you enjoy the silence from another room.


A Round Of Golf

There's something about a dad teaching his kid how to golf that screams "lifelong memory." And if the sport isn't your thing, don't feel bad about sitting this one out.