7 Feminist Group Halloween Costumes For A Holiday That Screams Equality

If there's anything better than toting feminism in your every day garb, it's having a good excuse to dress up as your feminist heroes. Thankfully, Halloween is quickly approaching, giving you have plenty of opportunities to pay tribute to your feminist icons. And although you could rock an empowering costume for one, why not take it to the next level by gathering your friends and collaborating on one of the many feminist group Halloween costumes that'll have everyone screaming equal rights for everything?

Whether you've got a group of gal pals who are all looking for a killer costume, or your crew includes some feminists of the male variety, there's a feminist group costume out there to fit your needs. And the best part? You can put these costumes together yourself, without too much elbow grease. Feminist group costumes for you and your pals that are just as easy as defining feminism for your friends who need a little guidance? That's what I call an easy one two punch to the patriarchy to celebrate your favorite holiday. So break out your feminist ideals, because it's time to show off your favorite heroines of all time with a feminist group costume for you and your squad.


Supreme Court Justices

Allison Shelley/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Nothing says equal rights like the three women who sit on the Supreme Court of the United States. Whether you're a Sonia, a Ruth, or an Elena, with a few easy items, you can dissent the heck out of any party you find yourself at just like your favorite Justice. For a simple Supreme Court costume, you'll need a gavel ($7), a tie front blouse ($36), a black dress ($29) to layer over top that'll serve as your robe, a pair of black tights ($55) and sensible black boots ($7) since you'll be on your feet, kicking butt and taking names all night long.


Spice Girls

Pick a Spice Girl, any Spice Girl. Five beacons of light in a '90s world full of boy bands, the Spice Girls were loud, proud, and spread girl power everywhere they went.

If you're a Ginger, rock a union jack dress ($18) for the night. If you consider yourself more of a Posh, a little black dress ($34) will do. A track jacket ($45) for Sporty, a pink dress ($20) for Baby, and a pair of leopard print leggings ($25) for Scary? You're in business. All you need now is a pair of platform heels ($35) or platform sneakers ($28) and you'll be spreading the gospel of girl power all night long.



It's easier than you think to rock a homemade Ghostbusters costume. You and your crew will be bustin' ghosts and bustin' moves all over the place in these comfortable and killer costumes.

Starting with a good old fashioned set of khaki coveralls ($30), take your orange washi tape ($3) and start making some stripes. Strap on a black backpack ($23), pull on a pair of combat boots ($20), and add goggles ($5) to get the full effect.


Powerpuff Girls

An ode to your childhood, the Powerpuff Girls recently got a reboot and would make the perfect feminist group costume for you and your crew.Depending on which Powerpuff Girl was your favorite, you'll either need a blue dress ($17), a red dress ($14), or a green dress ($23) for the base of your costume. Add a black belt ($20), a pair of white socks ($5), and a pair of Mary Janes ($10) and you're prepared to be saving the world all night long.


Charlie's Angels

One of the most kick butt group of feminists around, Charlie's Angels is a costume you can probably pull off with things you've already got in your closet. And who doesn't love a costume that easy?

All you need to dress up as your favorite angel is an all black ensemble and a major can of whoop ass for anyone who tries to preach the patriarchy to you. A pair of black sneakers ($50) to keep you running all night long, a black top ($32) good for going out and going hard, a black blazer ($40) just in case you find yourself in a meeting with Charlie, and a pair of black leather leggings ($19) that allow you to kick, and stretch, and kung fu your way through the night. When the three of you roll into the party together and strike that classic Charlie's Angels pose, there'll be no mistaking who's in charge.


The Rockford Peaches

If you roll deep in a big crew of feminists, the Rockford Peaches is a perfect feminist group costume for you and your pals. Made famous by A League Of Their Own, these baseball playing babes paved the way for women in sports. You can recreate this look easily, with a baseball glove ($42), a pink dress ($25), and a white short-sleeved blouse ($20) to layer beneath the dress. Just add red knee socks ($18) and the quintessential red baseball cap ($20) and you'll be ready to catch no matter what comes your way.



Take a cue from the suffragettes this voting season, and remind all of your fellow feminists to vote this season. That's the best costume of all time right? One that packs a feminist punch and reminds everyone to vote? Sign me up. With a simple white blouse ($13), black skirt ($47) and black tights ($13) you've got the basis for plenty of killer costumes. But when you add in lace up boots ($7), a floral floppy hat ($20) and a pea coat ($36) you're one step closer to the suffragettes of days past. Make yourself a sash for women's votes, and you're ready to roll.