7 Fights All Couples Have In The First Year Of Dating That Make Them Stronger

For some couples, the first year of dating is like a honeymoon. Arguments are rare, date nights are often, and the love is overflowing. If you're a part of a normal couple though, you know that the first year of dating will bring forth a few fights between you and your significant other. Fortunately though, there are fights all couples have in the first year of dating that make them stronger.

When people think of arguments with their other half, it automatically makes them cringe. I mean, no one really wants to be arguing with their partner over anything. However, there are some fights that can be used to make your relationship better than ever. Although that may sound strange, arguing with your significant other can help one of you see the things that you need to improve on or give you a different outlook on life. Regardless if arguing makes you a little nervous about the status of your relationship, as long as it's not placing a constant strain on you or your S.O., things are not as bad as they seem.

Not sure whether or not your arguments are the ones that will eventually make your relationship stronger? Take a look at these seven examples to compare.


The "We Should Live A Healthier Lifestyle" Fight

According to Match, sharing your lifestyle needs and preferences with your significant other from the start will show you whether or not they are interested in compromising. If you aren't having this argument during the first year, one — or both — of you will become frustrated with the other because it seems like the focus is on changing the other.


The "Can You Not Be On Your Phone?" Fight

Mic noted that having an argument about being on your phone makes you stronger because it shows that you require more effort to be put into the relationship. It also shows that you are paying attention to how the other person feels if you do your best to avoid doing this.


The "Why Are They Contacting You?" Fight

With social media being a big part of many people's lives, having an argument about why an ex is contacting you is normal. Though it can be unhealthy if your significant other is constantly jealous, showing a bit off jealousy lets them know that you truly care.


The "Why Did You Buy That?" Fight

According to Prevention, having an argument about how you spend your money is one that will make your relationship stronger because it reminds you to think about the sacrifice someone else has to make if you purchase that. It also serves as a way for you to consider better spending habits if you're not usually smart with money.


The "You Made Plans On Date Night?" Fight

Having an argument about bailing out on previously made plans reminds the person that they should consider the feelings of others and how important certain things are to their significant other.


The "Why Don't You Compliment Me?" Fight

Huffington Post noted that not complimenting your significant other on the regular can be quite normal. However, after the fight occurs, your spouse should be open to complimenting you more just as you should be open to receiving them.


The "What Are We Doing?" Fight

If you haven't decided to marry your significant other, then the "what are we really doing" fight occurs probably once a year. However, in the first year of relationships, this could be a fight that makes your union stronger because it lets you know that each of you are either all in or not in at all.