7 Flirtatious Things People Do That Men Don’t Actually Like, According To Men

Flirting, dating, and the like can sometimes be confusing, frustrating, exciting, exhilarating, or about a million other things. And no matter if you're flirting with someone in the hopes that something more will happen, you're flirting with someone for fun, or you're flirting with your partner, not everyone responds to the same flirting techniques in the same way. There are a number of flirtatious things women do that men don't actually like, as well as things that they might not understand clearly as flirting, even if that's how you intended them. And even though people's preferences and the like can be different, when it comes to flirting, some of these things are probably things that you shouldn't do if you're hoping to catch a man's attention in a positive way.

Since people react differently to flirting, come-ons, and more, what worked for you before might not work again with another guy who has different preferences, which makes it sort of difficult to determine what kinds of flirting and dating techniques might be a good idea and which ones are going to completely turn him off. To help with that, Romper asked a group of guys to share some of the things that they don't respond well to in order to get a better idea of what's a bit confusing and what they just don't like.


Baby Talk

Baby talk is a definite no for Mike. Though some people do, apparently find it cute, others think it's a total turn-off. It can be grating and a little bit strange to hear grown adults talking like babies, so you might want to be sure that the person you're flirting with does, in fact, like baby talk before trying it out. Because for other guys, it's just not at all what they want to hear.


Bring Gifts On The First Date

You might think it's sweet to bring your date a little something that you're sure he'll like, but not all guys think that's the case. Jeff says that it's happened on multiple occasions after mentioning he liked something and he's just not into it.


Hold Hands

Some guys are OK with hand-holding, while others would rather you didn't try it. Jake says that it's just something that he doesn't particularly enjoy. This may or may not be something you'd do right away, but it could definitely be something you'd do on a first date or after spending a little bit of time with someone, and it might be good to know that not everyone likes it all that much.


Flirt For Fun

You might think that flirting for fun is harmless, but it can also be confusing if the other person thinks that it's going to lead to something more. Dating and relationship expert Kevin Darné tells Romper by email that flirting one day and not the next can send mixed messages and make it seem like you're "playing games."


Not Reaching Back Out After A Good Date

Not every date leads to a long-term relationship, but if you've had a good time after a date and there seems to be some chemistry there, you can totally reach out to them. Evan says that there have been a couple of times when he's gone out with someone who then won't follow-up and start any further conversation, which makes him feel that if he doesn't make the first move, he'll just never hear from you again. It's kind of confusing, so summoning up the courage to initiate conversation instead of waiting for him to do so might help clarify where you stand.


Act Affectionately In Front Of Family

Being overly affectionate in front of his family isn't something that Jake's a fan of either. "It’s tacky to me and just not really appropriate in my opinion," he explains. You might be better off saving your more affectionate flirting for later on when other people aren't around.


Play Dumb

"I've found that some women will think playing dumb, or playing to your ego by acting clueless, is cute," Phil says. "Major turn off." It might not be a very good idea to make yourself look silly, flighty, or dumb in an effort to catch someone else's attention. There's nothing wrong with not knowing things that you truly don't know, but faking it and intentionally dumbing yourself down might not get you what you want.