7 Freaky Things That Start Happening To Your Body Once You Conceive

by Lauren Schumacker

Some women love pregnancy and some, well, not so much. Similarly, some pregnancy symptoms and physical changes are pretty great (glowing skin, thicker hair, bigger boobs, it's not all bad) while others aren't nearly as enjoyable. And as there are some symptoms and changes crop up later in your pregnancy, there are also some freaky signs that you might be pregnant that reveal themselves before you even have the chance to take a pregnancy test, so buckle up because otherwise you just might not be ready if and when they do.

Every woman's pregnancy symptoms are different. Just because your best friend, sister, or mother-in-law had a specific symptom doesn't mean that you'll also experience that very same one. Likewise, you might have the pleasure of experiencing some not-so-great side effects that they were somehow able to avoid when they were expecting. Good or bad, nearly immediately after you conceive, your body will know that something unusual — albeit awesome — is happening before you even suspect anything yourself, let alone know for sure. Some of these things bodily reactions may or may not go unnoticed by you, but they just might be the very first signs that there is be something big going on.

Whether you know that you're pregnant or not, there's no doubt that these very early, very freaky things can happen before you even recognize what's going on.


Your Pee Smells Weird

That's right, your urine might smell a little bit... off before you realize you're pregnant. According to Babygaga, this strange scent is due to an increase in human chorionic gonadotropin, the hormone that your store-bought pregnancy test detects. It won't be like this forever, though, so that's the good news.


Your Volume Of Blood Increases

You have double the normal volume of blood coursing through your veins (and arteries) during pregnancy and this change happens relatively soon after you conceive, meaning it happens before you even know that you're a mom-to-be. Dr. Abigail Cutler, a spokesperson for the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, told Parents that this large uptick in blood volume helps protect against hemorrhaging during childbirth, as well as some other potential complications.


You Develop A Better Sense Of Smell

Your heightened sense of smell is kind of like a pregnancy superpower, and it might kick in before you even realize that you're pregnant. Denyse Kirkby, a midwifery teacher and the author of My Mini Midwife, told Mother & Baby that some people believe that this change is due to your increased blood volume, while others think it's to help you avoid breathing in anything that could hurt you or the baby. It might be frustrating at times, but it will pass.

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Your Temperature Goes Up

Feeling a bit warmer than usual? It could actually be because you're pregnant, even if you don't know it yet. According to Healthline, your temperature spikes after ovulation each month, but stabilizes after your period if you're not pregnant. If you have a sustained higher basal body temperature, it could be because your body is pre-heating for something really special.


You Might Get A Little Drool-y

While you might not think you produce an especially excessive amount of saliva normally, when you're pregnant, expect those saliva glands to kick into overdrive. According to Parenting, some pregnant women can produce nearly three to four quarts of extra saliva. Every. Single. Day. Yikes.


Your Vagina Can Turn Blue

You may or may not have heard of Chadwick's Sign before now, but if you haven't, now you know not to be overly alarmed if you see it happen to you. "As early as six weeks into your pregnancy your vagina, labia and cervix may take on a blue or purple color, thanks to the increase of blood flow," Dr. Brett Worly, an OB-GYN at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, told Parents in a different article. Don't worry though, it won't be blue forever. It will return to its normal color soon, though depending on who you ask, not soon enough.


Your Dreams Get More And More Vivid

Normally, you may not remember every single detail of every single dream, but after you get pregnant, those dreams may start getting more vivid, for better or for worse. According to the previously-mentioned article from Babygaga, early on in the pregnancy you might notice that you're dreaming much more about water and fertility symbols than you normally do. But that, like just about everything else that happens during pregnancy, will eventually pass.

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