7 Fun Earth Day Activities For Kids

By now, you've probably seen and heard about the negative effects of global warming, such as frequent severe weather disasters and melting glaciers. The idea of our changing planet may seem scary, but every person — even kids — can do their part to help out. And there's no better time than Earth Day to start. Although you should be thinking about protecting the environment all year long, there are some great ways you can celebrate Earth Day with your kids.

With a little creativity, you can begin to instill good habits in your young ones about eco-friendly living. Use this Earth Day as a time to celebrate and establish traditions that will have a lasting impact on the planet. Teach your children (and yourselves) about how food goes from the farm to the table, ways to save energy, conserve water, and reduce the amount of pollution. By taking action as a family, kids can feel like they are making a difference in their community and the world around them.

This Earth Day, round up the entire family and show our planet a little love. You can have lots of fun, while helping to create some amazing little global citizens who will grow up learning to appreciate the planet we call home.


Unplug For The Afternoon

Save some electricity by turning off the television, iPads, and laptops for the afternoon. Instead, read a few of your favorite stories — or better yet, make up your own!


Hit Up A Farmer's Market

Visit your local farmer's market to sample the delicious fresh produce. Farmer's market good typically travels a much shorter distance, minimizing air pollution, and is grown using less of the pesticides and chemicals that are harmful to the environment.


Enjoy A 'Cool' Meal

Why not save energy by giving your stove a break? Take your fresh farmer's market goods and turn them into a delicious salad for dinner. Add leftover chicken breast or a can of beans for extra protein. Let everyone pitch in on the preparation by rinsing, chopping, mixing, or setting the table.


Take A Walk

Park the car, lace up your sneakers, and hit the streets. You'll be saving gas, reducing the amount of pollution in the air, and getting some exercise in the process. While you're out, take a little time to enjoy all of the wonderful natural sights you see.


Plant A Tree

Head out to the backyard, or local community garden and plant a tree or bush. It will teach your kids to care for living things, and they'll have fun watching it grow.


Turn Trash Into Treasure

Gather up those back issues of People that have been cluttering your coffee table and turn them into a fun craft project for the whole family. Use your imagination to make wreaths, cool collages, and even bowls.


Design A Cool Recycling Bin

Recycling is whole lot more fun if your bin is bedazzled. Plastic bins, cardboard boxes, milk crates, and more can be given new life as a recycling bin for your home. Get the whole family involved in decorating and deciding on the perfect place to keep it.