7 Funny Donald Trump Costumes For Babies That Will Actually Make America Great Again

There's nothing better than coming up with a Halloween costume for your child that's timely, relevant, and hilarious. And this year that costume is Donald Trump. I know — you're probably thinking, "why would I want to dress my baby up as a tiny tyrant for Halloween?" Because if you do it right, you will have everyone applauding you for having one of the best costumes on the block. So if you're still looking for a costume? Look no further. Because funny Donald Trump costumes for babies are here to save the day. And I'm pretty sure that's the only time you'll ever hear me say "Donald Trump" and "save the day" in the same sentence.

Regardless of who you're voting for this upcoming election, you can rest assured that dressing your baby up as Donald Trump will be the hit of the neighborhood. Because what could possibly be better than a baby dressed up in business wear, with a (semi) full head of hair? Whether you want to tote around your mini-Trump as a pre-election Trump, a debate-Trump, a Make-America-Great-Again-Trump, or a presidential-Trump, there are plenty of costume options out there for you to peruse. So hold onto your toupée, because the following funny Donald Trump costumes for babies are about to make you laugh, no matter what party you identify with.


The Toddler Tycoon

If you're looking for an easy costume to buy with just the click of the button, this toddler tycoon costume ($40) is perfect for your tyke, American flag and all.


'Merica, Baby

Nothing quite says Trump like a serious 'Merica onesie ($16), right? Just add this Donald Trump wig ($15), and your baby will be striking fear in the hearts of women and minorities all night long.


Basket Of Deplorables

If you're particularly a fan of that phrase "basket of deplorables," why not take your baby Trump costume to the next level with this basket of deplorables onesie ($17)?

Go the extra mile and use this seagrass storage basket ($20) as an accessory all night long. Stuff your basket with this American flag blanket ($27), which you can wrap around your child if they get too cold during trick-or-treating.

When in doubt, just add a blonde toupée ($16) to get your baby's costume on everyone's radar. Because nothing says Trump quite like a floppy mane of blonde hair.


Casual Trump

It seems like the current presidential candidates are always dressed up and ready to roll, it's because they are. Rather than a full suit jacket for your babe, take things slightly more casual with this baby boy formal wear onesie ($20), complete with vest, polo, and tie. To make sure your costume comes across as Trump, Trump, and only Trump, just add this American flag pin ($5).


Formal Trump

If you prefer your Trump dressed to the nines for a night of fancy dress to impress costumes, this baby boy's tuxedo ($15) is the perfect way to get your costume started.

To make the costume that much more authentic, use this non-toxic orange face paint ($7) for orange cheeks, to get the Trump effect. Take things to the next level by styling this short layered blonde wig ($12) to mimic Trump's famous swoop.


Make America Great Again

What better way to trump any other baby Trump costume out there (Get it? Get it) than by having your baby sport Trump's slogan all night long? With this Make America Great Again Onesie ($24), there will be no doubt who your infant's dressed up as.

To top off the onesie, just add this presidential starter pack ($14) to the costume. With a wig, a tie, and an American flag pin, your baby will be feeling flashy and patriotic as ever.


Red Tie Trump

Donald Trump loves him a good red tie moment, but instead of struggling to get a tie on a baby, why not settle for this long-sleeved red-tie onesie ($15) to get things started? Layer on this baby suit jacket ($16), and your little one will be looking super presidential.

To top things off, just add this blonde toupée ($16). The fact that it's too big for your baby will be all the more comical.