7 Funny Halloween Costumes For Toddlers That'll Have Everyone On The Block Laughing


Just because you're officially a grown up doesn't mean that all the fun and festivity of Halloween has to be over. Now that you're a parent, a whole new avenue of excitement and hilarity is available to you. The best part is that, if your child is still a toddler, you're really the one that's picking out costume ideas and themes. To really kick things up a notch and create some phenomenal photo opportunities, you should consider going the route of funny Halloween costumes for toddlers that are guaranteed to get some attention and well-deserved laughs.

There really isn't a shortage of ideas, either. Whether it's movies from your own childhood, trends in current pop culture, political humor, or just having fun with making your toddler look like a tiny adult, you'll have plenty of inspiration when it comes time to start picking out options. What's especially awesome is that there are so many gender-neutral choices available as well. You're only limited by your imagination, basically.

So if you're stumped as to what your little one should wear this October 31 or you're just looking to mix things up a little this year, then check out these hilariously creative toddler Halloween costumes.

1Baby Grandma

K Roberts/Youtube

Is there anything cuter than a baby dressed like a little old lady? Probably not. To make a walker, use a length of PVC pipe ($6) which can be cut to size, PVC joints ($2) to make the curves, screw-in caster wheels ($5), and a couple of tennis balls ($6) to really complete the walker look. Next, you'll need a granny wig ($13) and some glasses without lenses ($6). As for the outfit, really anything will do because the focus will be on the cute walker and faux granny wig.

2Donald Trump


What do you get when you mix a tiny blonde toupee ($15), a toddler business suit ($30), and non-toxic orange face paint ($7)? A miniature Donald Trump. I'll leave it up to you to interpret the look.

3Hillary Clinton


Does your toddler have chill for Hill? Then embrace it with a blonde, businesswoman wig ($13), a sensible pantsuit ($30), and a toy cellphone ($9) to send pretend emails.

4The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

Just like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in Ghostbusters, your toddler is probably permanently sticky and unintentionally destroys everything, but is so adorable you can't be mad at them. That's why the toddler Stay Puft costume ($20) is a match made in sci-fi heaven.

5The Toddling Dead


If your little one hasn't quite mastered the art of walking yet, that's no problem. In fact, a bit shuffling and a few missteps will actually work in their favor if they dress as walker (or a zombie) from The Walking Dead. To accomplish this hilarious look, you can either dirty and cut up old clothes or buy a gray toddlers shirt ($5) and matching gray toddler shorts ($6) instead. Have at it with the smudge, non-toxic gray makeup ($6) and non-toxic fake blood ($8). If you want to really have fun, you can also let your toddler munch on some edible candy body parts ($18).

6Marty McFly

Technically, Marty is a unisex name, so any kid can have pretending to be a time-traveling teen from the '80s classic, Back to the Future. They'll be outta time in this Marty McFly toddler costume ($60) faster than you can say Copernicus.

7Doc Brown

This is particularly a genius idea if you have multiple children and one of them already wants to be Marty. Your toddler can babble away incoherently and it will perfectly work for playing the part in their Doc Brown toddler costume ($35). You'll have onlookers saying, "great Scott," as soon as they see your tiny inventor.