7 Funny Sibling Halloween Costume Ideas That'll Keep The Crew Laughing

Dressing up for Halloween is one of my best memories from childhood (OK, and adulthood too). Each year would bring the excitement of imagining and creating a new costume. When I was little, I really took on the character and always wished I had a brother or sister to partner up with make the act more fun. Now that I have two little boys of my own, I started dressing them up in some funny sibling Halloween costume ideas since they were little. Now that they're getting older, they don't love my ideas as much, but I still encourage them to coordinate in some way.

There's just something about a set of costumes that goes together in some way that makes me smile. Maybe the idea of coordinating looks is so damn cute to me because I am an only child and never had the chance to be part of that, or maybe it's just because they are simply, so damn cute. If you can get your kids on board to celebrate their sibling love by dressing up together this Halloween, you don't have to go the matching route. There are plenty of fun ideas that will make little trick-or-treaters giggle with delight.

To get your creative gears turning, and consider some of these DIY and store bought costumes ideas for siblings this Halloween.


Hillary & Trump

Your kids will rock the vote with these costumes, as they go door to door and Hillary and Trump. For Trump you'll need a blue sport coat ($38), red neck tie ($6), and, of course, a Trump wig ($15). For Hillary, all you need is a professional dress ($31) and patriotic earrings ($5) for a little sparkle.


'Wayne's World'

Party on like Wayne and Garth with these easy costumes. To assemble Wayne's outfit, you'll need a Wayne's World hat that comes with attached wig ($9) and a black tee ($6). To pull Garth's look together, but put on a concert tee ($13) under a flannel ($16) and finish the look with some nerd glasses ($2).


Urkel & Screech

When TV's two most lovable nerds hit the streets on Halloween, they will definitely get all the candy (and laughs). Make an easy Urkel costume with a red tee ($4), rainbow suspenders ($5), and oversized glasses ($22). Screech comes together with a curly wig ($13), Hawaiian shirt ($10), and ball cap ($15).


Chocolate Moose

Together your kids will make one delicious dessert: chocolate moose. To DIY your chocolate bar costume, follow these directions on Hershey's website, but save yourself some time but purchasing the moose costume ($40).


Eat, Drink, And Be Mary

All the kids can be included in this one. The Coke costume ($55) only comes in adult size, so grab that teen and let them join in on the trick-or-treating. Then add the cheeseburger ($37) and the Virgin Mary ($24) to make your crew eat, drink, and be Mary.


Social Media

For those kids who fuss over costumes, keep it simple with these social media t-shirts —one Twitter ($21) and the other Instagram ($20). Since these are adult shirts, they may be too long. But you can easily cut them to the length that works best for your kiddo.


Dr. Pepper

Pay homage to the most delicious soda that was ever created. One child can be the doctor ($30) and the other one pepper ($17), because what better to wash down all that candy with than Dr. Pepper.