7 Funny 'Walking Dead' Costumes That'll Even Make Fans Laugh Their Guts Out

The Walking Dead premiered on Halloween night in 2010. Throughout the past six seasons, viewers have loved and lost a myriad of characters, and are anxiously awaiting the Season 7 premiere to see which of the beloved members is the next to meet his or her maker, courtesty of Negan's Lucille. The Walking Dead is a series about the zombie apocalypse, so there are no limits to its sadness and gore. But, the talented writers have made sure to include a few laughs along the way. Some of this lightheartedness has inspired the creative and sometimes funny Walking Dead costumes you see at conventions throughout the country, that would double as great Halloween costumes.

It feels like an eternity between seasons, so fans like me keep busy scouring the 'net for memes, cast interviews, podcasts, and hilarious Walking Dead-inspired episodes of Bad Lip Reading to get their fix. There is also plenty of time to re-watch the season and analyze every minute detail. The writers have to keep on their toes, because viewers will dissect an episode, figure out mysteries, and post potential spoilers online. (See: Glenn and the dumpster.)

If you are a fan of The Walking Dead, check out these hilarious costumes inspired by everyone's favorite zombie show, and maybe you'll happen to find your Halloween costume in the process.


Lizzie's Flowers


No true fan of The Walking Dead will forget Season 4's "The Grove." "Look at the flowers" has become synonymous for "You're too crazy even for the apocalypse." Those poor flowers had to endure Lizzie's murderous gaze far too long.

This Halloween, dress up like Lizzie's flowers. Start with this perfect yellow graphic tee ($27), a yellow tutu ($13), green tights ($8) and top it off with a floral crown ($9).


Summer's Teddy Bear

One of the only glimpses of humanity seen in a walker was in the pilot episode when Summer picks up a teddy bear. Poor Teddy didn't know what was coming next (Spoiler alert: Rick shoots Summer and Teddy goes flying.)

It's time to give Teddy his moment to shine this Halloween. Start with a white bear costume ($79) and don't forget to hold tight to your Teddy Bear Girl doll ($12).


Carl Likes Pudding

Carl eating a vat of pudding on the roof is an iconic image from the Season 4 mid-season premiere. Mother Hubbard Photography recently did a Walking Dead-inspired photo shoot with kids and they couldn't leave Carl's pudding out.

To recreate Carl and his pudding, you need his signature sheriff's hat ($30) a white and blue baseball tee ($10), this chocolate pudding lunch tote ($16), and a large spoon ($8). Pair with your favorite jeans and you're ready to trick-or-treat.


Eugene In The Self Help Aisle


Everyone loves Eugene, but before the mullet-head grew on fans, he was pretty weird and slightly pervy. Let's recall his voyeurism through the self-help aisle as Rosita and Abraham got busy in Season 5.

To recreate Eugene's signature look, start with a button down shirt ($14), a pair of cargo shorts ($13), a cargo vest ($34), some hiking boots ($50) and a mullet wig ($12). Top the look off with the book he was reading at the end of the episode, The Shape of Things To Come ($24) by H.G. Wells.


Bandage Face Rick

I know I can't be the only one who was distracted by the sheer number of bandage strips on Rick's face in the Season 6 premiere. Did something else happen in the episode?

To recreate Rick's banged-up look, start with a khaki button-down shirt ($25), a sherpa-lined jacket ($40), some blue jeans ($25) and a box of Steri-Strips ($8). Make sure to wear every strip in the box.


Carol & Her Cookies


Carol forages for acorns and comes up with beet and acorn cookie recipe to make treats for her neighbors. Mother Hubbard Photography included a mini-Carol in their photo shoot, and you can recreate the look for Halloween.

You need a floral button-up blouse ($7), a blue cardigan ($20), khaki pants ($25), a short white wig ($13), and a cookie sheet ($4) filled with your own beet and acorn cookies (but, I'm sure sugar cookies will do.)



Poor Judith has been passed around so much through the six seasons (how is she still under 2?), and her trauma must run deep. Not even under a cloak of rotting walker blood does this child make a peep. But the one question we all want to know is: Who's her daddy?

A baby Judith in this graphic onesie ($18) will make the perfect accompaniment to your Walking Dead-inspired costume.