7 Genius Hacks To Prevent Crotch Sweat

by Tessa Shull

It's not uncommon for women to have to deal with sweatiness in their crotch region. It's even more common if you're active, outside a lot, exercising, sitting for long periods at a time, or dealing with high temperatures. It can be frustrating to constantly feel like you want to jump in the shower or change underwear due to sweat. So, you may want some genius hacks to prevent crotch sweat in the future, or at least help minimize it.

According to Women's Health, a sweaty crotch can lead to other problems like odor and itchiness that can just compound the frustration of getting hot. (Basically, it's a never-ending circle.) In order to prevent it, the best thing women can do is stay dry — obviously — and figure out what will help prevent sweat from taking over or happening at all.

Although there are some pretty clear fixes like re-evaluating clothing material, there are quite a few other things you may not even realize are making your crotch sweat or trap in moisture. So if you want to stay cool in your nether regions and aren't able to stand in front of an AC all day, check out some of preventative tips below.


Wear Breathable Underwear

Wearing underwear may seem counterintuitive, especially considering it's adding an extra layer down there. But the truth is breathable underwear helps create a barrier between your skin and your thighs to keep everything cooler down there, according to HuffPost. Especially considering normal clothing doesn't have a liner, going commando can actually make sweat problems worse.


Try Loose Pants

If you're wanting to avoid sweat in general, long pants are probably out. But whether you're wearing long pants, shorts, skirts, or any other bottoms, Madamenoire suggested you avoid tight clothing, which can cause your vagina to sweat quite a bit and even lead to some unwanted odor.


Go For Cotton

The aforementioned HuffPost article also noted that cotton is the most breathable material to wear, and you should at least make sure the crotch of your underwear is lined with cotton. Additionally, silk and other synthetic fabrics increase the risk of moisture getting stuck and in turn can cause more sweatiness.


Change Clothes

In an interview in the aforementioned Women's Health, assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology Dr. Melissa Goist said you should change your clothes if you've been working out or worked up a significant sweat. Not only will this prevent crotch sweat, but it can prevent any infections from forming.


Trim Your Pubic Hair, But Not Too Much

According to Self, OB-GYNs often recommend keeping pubic hair short to absorb moisture and prevent excess sweat.


Try Diaper Rash Cream

The aforementioned Self article also noted that it's not a good idea to use deodorant, even though that can prevent sweat under your arms. Instead, a lot of women who suffer with sweaty crotch swear by using diaper rash cream, sparingly. Keep in mind, too much of any product around the crotch or vagina can throw off bacterial balance.


Carry A Water Bottle With Ice

On days it's going to be hot and I know I may be sweating, I carry around a big bottle full of ice and water. You can hold it between your legs if you're hot and sweaty down there or even use it for your neck, arms, or wherever else you feel heated.