7 Gifts You Didn't Want As A Kid But Would Love To Get Now

There might not be a consensus on the best presents you could receive as a kid, but most everyone can agree on which ones were the straight-up worst. Every kid got one of those classic eye-roll-inducing gifts at least once or twice during the holiday season, making it feel as if all the adults in the world had teamed up together to ruin the holidays. But man, have things changed. Fast forward to today, and they’re way more appealing, totally qualifying as gifts you didn’t want as a kid but would love to have now.

When you were a kid, these presents were simply boring, ugly, or just not what you asked for, despite dropping hints for weeks and writing a lengthy letter to some guy in red. As a kid, there was no greater feeling of disappointment than tearing off the wrapping to find one of these types of presents inside. Now? You would be freaking delighted if someone decided to give you a savings bond or a pair of socks that didn't have holes in the toes. It turns out those times when Santa, parents, and relatives just got it plain wrong when you were a kid were secretly the things you always dreamed of getting as an adult. The bicycle and play sets of your younger self's wildest dreams are no match for these seven now-suddenly-awesome presents from your childhood, which we hope you are lucky enough to receive this year.


New Pairs Of Socks

Once considered the lamest of all holiday gifts, these are a must0have adult item. Seriously, there is never a not a time when you don't need more of these.


A Pajama Set

Those sets you used to receive and groan over are now totally perfect.


Anything Educational

Anything that forced you to learn more outside of school made you want to scream as a kid. As an adult, learning is legitimately awesome.


Gift Cards

When the most boring present becomes two gifts in one: getting what you want from your favorite stores and a fun day of shopping.


More Winter Clothing

I got more scarves, hats, and gloves as a kid than I knew what to do with. This season, I would definitely know what to do with them.



You used to yawn when you got one of these. Now, you're just trying to keep up with those best of the year lists. Keep 'em coming!



As a kid, you may have thought, What am I supposed to do with this? Now, it’s at the top of your wish list.

Images: Mrs. Flinger/Flickr, Giphy (7).