7 Gross Things About Baby's First Night Of Sleep

Dealing with all the stresses of labor and birth is overwhelming enough, but nothing really compares to the feeling of arriving home with your newborn baby. Without the safety net of doctors and nurses on hand to help, you're left to figure out what's normal (and what's not) for your own baby. It can be a terrifying and illuminating experience. So to help you get at least a little prepared, it's worth looking into the gross things babies do their first night of sleep.

Sure, you've seen your newborn adorably napping by now. But the realities of having a sleeping baby in your home is a whole other ball game. Chances are, you're in for a noisy, strange, and smelly experience. Your baby's sleeping tics, and even breathing habits, may initially alarm you, or just straight-up gross you out.

After that first night at home, you may never again use the phrase "sleep like a baby." In reality, a sleeping baby is anything but peaceful. But for what it's worth, most of these infantile weirdnesses are perfectly normal. Read on to learn what you may have in store that first night on your own, and just be thankful that most adults grow out of the freaky sleeping-with-eyes-open phase. Yikes.


They Sleep With Their Eyes Open

Bright-eyed, fully awake babies are adorable, as are infants who get some serious shut-eye. But babies who sleep with their eyes open are a tiny bit nightmarish. Fortunately, it's normal for babies to sleep with open eyes from time to time, as noted in Baby Center. So don't be shocked if your little one appears to do a zombie impression now and then.


They Sniffle

Does it sound like your baby is trying to breathe through a stuffy nose? It may not be a cold. As noted by Patient, it's common for babies to make a sniffling sound when breathing, because it's tricky for babies to clear nasal passages. It's weird but true: being able to blow your nose is a learned skill.


They Have Periodic Breathing

This may not qualify as gross exactly, but it can be a heart-stopping shock for new parents. According to Fairview Health Services, infants may experience periodic breathing, which includes up to 10 second pauses between breaths. It's normal, but feel free to chat with a healthcare professional if the periodic breathing scares you.


They Grunt

Does your baby make piggy noises while sleeping? As noted in Baby Gaga, making little grunting noises is common for most babies, especially when sleeping. It may even be a response to dreaming.


They Pass Gas

Yeah, babies don't yet have great bodily control yet. Or much bodily control at all, really. So when they decide to let one rip, it's probably loud and proud.


They Pass More Than Gas

Oh, thank you baby. Well, at least you can be proud of your infant for already knowing how to multi-task. Although the amount of time your baby spends soiling diapers can be a little overwhelming.


They Gurgle

Gurgling is yet another bizarre noise that may come from your sleeping baby. But as noted in What To Expect, hearing your baby gurgle is not cause for alarm, because your little one is just clearing his throat. It's one of those weird but normal respiratory sounds from newborns.