7 Gross Reasons To Change Baby's PJs Often

As a single woman with no children, I like to prepare myself as much as possible for the day that I will become a mom. Though I know there's no amount of preparation that can really get me ready for that big day, I think it's important to become as knowledgeable as I can prior to the arrival of a baby. Some may think it's not necessary to know the small stuff, like gross things that happen when you don't change your baby out of their pajamas, but nothing is irrelevant when it comes to your little bundle of joy.

Although I don't plan to have kids for a few years, it's always interesting to read up on the things that may seem unimportant to others. No one really thinks about the effects that not changing your child's pajamas can cause, but truthfully, there are a few reasons why this should become a healthy habit of yours — regardless how old they are. Of course you don't have to change your child's pajamas nightly, but going more than a day or two without fresh pajamas can cause some pretty gross situations.

Want to know what gross encounters could be on the horizon? These seven things will probably make you cringe.


The Pajamas Are Stained With Leftover Diaper Leakage

Keeping your child in their pajamas may seem convenient to you — especially if you're lounging around the house — but doing this can see you cleaning baby poop out of them more often. Baby's diapers leak, regardless of what clothes they wear, but leaving them in their pajamas can have you cleaning up more than you bargained.


Baby Might Be Exposed To Dangerous Microbes

According to Mother Nature Network, not changing your baby's pajamas on the regular could result in the buildup of microbes, which can cause disease,. Gross, right?


Baby Could Develop Acne

Wearing dirty pajamas can also be a cause of your baby contracting acne. Just like adults, the buildup of bacteria can cause their skin to clog and produce acne, The Huffington Post noted.


Baby Start To Smell Bad

Though you may not see it, baby's sweat in their sleep. Knowing this, they will start to smell and keeping them in the same pajamas will heighten the stench.


Stains Become Impossible to Remove

According to Bustle, keeping your baby in the same pajamas for too long can make the stains they gather harder to get out. Letting stains sit for days or weeks could require a more extensive removal process or even worse, require you to throw them away.


Baby Can Start To Get Sick

Since there are so many bacteria that cling on to dirty clothes, not changing your child out of their pajamas can cause them to get sick, too. Keep the healthy and clean with a new sleeping set.


Baby Might Contract A Rash

According to Nurse Brigid, wearing dirty clothes can lead to rashes. The skin can become itchy and irritated due to the oils and dander that get trapped into the fabric.