7 "Gross" Things You'll Do During Postpartum Sex

I wouldn't be doing you any favors if I told you that jumping between the sheets after having a baby was all fun and games. Given the circumstances, your body is in recovery, and as it goes back to normal there may be some bumps along the way. Although a romp can still be fun, exciting, and feel delightful, there are some gross things you'll do during postpartum sex you should never be ashamed of, because it can happen to anyone (and to be honest, it probably does). No one is immune from these bedroom blunders, so prepare yourself for any of these possibilities.

If you're worried about these postpartum sex occurrences embarrassing you, keep in mind that you have no control over these things happening. And more likely than not, your partner will understand that these things just happen, and could be way less grossed out than you expect them to be. The best approach is to just laugh it off and continue on with your adult business. Also, remember that these things don't stick around forever. Most of these issues are resolved as your body fully recovers from delivering a baby. Even though these things can be less than ideal for sexy time, there is no need to feel ashamed or apologize.


Pee A Little

Your entire body has been through a lot with pregnancy and delivery, and your bladder is no exception. Urinary problems such as incontinence are common postpartum, as the website for the March of Dimes explained. Having some stimulation on or near your urethra can cause a warm trickle.


Sweat Like Crazy

According to Self magazine, your body needs to release the extra fluid you carried during pregnancy, which means you may find you're sweating more than ever before. The extra physical activity of doing the deed will only encourage those sweat glands to leak more profusely.


A Little Gas Slips Out

You're partner may be used to sounds coming from your mouth during sex, but noises out the other end may catch both of you by surprise. No need to blush, a little gas slipping out can happen to anyone — especially new moms. According to Baby Center, postpartum constipation is very common, since your bowel system takes time to function regularly after baby. As it's returning to normal, you may be more gassy.


There's A Slight Odor

Everything takes some time to get back to normal after childbirth, your personal aroma included. As Babble explained, the changes in hormones can cause a strange or strong odor for some women in the postpartum phase. If you're worried about being a little two ripe for your lover, shower right before a romp and layer on the deodorant.


Your Hair Falls Out

Most women notice this postpartum symptom in the shower, but friction from say, the back of your head rubbing against a pillow, may leave behind a small pile of hair. Your body hoarded those tresses during pregnancy, but now that it's recovering, you're loosing more hair than average after delivery, as Parents magazine explained.


Milk Spray Is A Thing

According to Baby Center, "oxytocin, the hormone that causes the contractions felt during orgasm, is also responsible for the milk ejection reflex, or letdown." Which means getting turned on may mean a milk shower.


Bleeding Happens

Whether you gave birth vaginally or via c-section, it's not unlikely that you'll bleed some during or after sex. Lochia, a postpartum vaginal discharge of leftover blood from the delivery, and can hang around longer for some women, as What To Expect's website explained. Even if the lochia has stopped, the release of more can be stimulated by intercourse.