7 Grown-Up Twists On Your Favorite Childhood Snacks

Kid-friendly snacks are delicious as is, but what if you took some of these beloved treats and gave them an adult twist? You end up with some pretty fantastic bites to nosh on — whether you're enjoying a quiet night in, or hosting your annual favorite things gift exchange with your girlfriends. No matter the occasion, there are plenty of ways to put a grownup twist on childhood snacks.

Sure, throwing together a cheese plate or tearing into some guacamole are a great way to satisfy your snack cravings, but these standards aren't the only party food for grown-ups. Sometimes you want all the flavors that those delicious kids bites have, but you want the feel and presentation to be a little more your age. But that doesn't mean the food needs to be all fancy pants, just a little more refined than foil wrappers and colorful pouches.

Thinking outside the cracker jack box can lead to some really fun and tasty ideas — like creating a cocktail that tastes exactly like a s'more! Adult-ifying your snacks is like giving your favorite food jazz hands, and everyone knows jazz hands make people really happy. The next time you're in a mood for munchies, don't stare into the pantry waiting for the perfect snack to appear, try one of these recipes for classic kid foods that make the perfect adult snack.


S’more Martini

This campfire favorite doesn't need to be squished between graham crackers to be enjoyed. All the s'mores flavors you love get a grown-up spin with this s'more martini creation from Baked By Rachel. Serve this treat-in-a-cup the next time you want to give your guests something sweet and sophisticated.  


Creamy Peach & Honey Popsicles

The large chucks of fruit in Cookie and Kate's creamy peach and honey popsicles give them the feel of an extra special treat. This delicious snack uses yogurt in place of ice cream, and only requires six simple ingredients. These popsicles will satisfy your sweet tooth without loading you up with sugar.


Parmesan Butternut Squash Fries

The world of fries has been split open since someone dropped a sliver of sweet potato in the frier and the sweet fritte was born. Now all sorts of root veggies are showing up on the fry scene  — and man, do they give the old potato a run for its money. You don't need a frier to whip up a batch of these parmesan butternut squash fries from Damn Delicious. All you need are some chopping skills and an oven, and you'll be on your way to french fry nirvana.  


Peanut Butter & Goji Berry Granola Bar

This is not your average granola bar. Busting at the seams with goji berries, chia seeds, pistachios, and pumpkin seeds, this snack bar is all grown up. Health benefits aside, Love and Lemons' peanut butter goji berry granola bars are full of flavor (and even some chocolate).


Soft Pretzel Bites

Leave the bag of pretzel sticks to the kids, these soft pretzel bites from Baked By Rachel are the perfect snack for an adult party or cocktail hour. The tiny version of the beloved soft pretzel, this doughy treat is pairs well with marinara sauce, mustard, cream cheese, or cinnamon sugar. Try offering all these dipping options for guests to try with these pretzel bites at your next gathering. 


Taco Popcorn

Isn't it magic when two worlds collide so well? If Mexican street food and a movie's fave companion had a baby, the precious bundle would be Gimme Some Oven's taco popcorn. It's easy to make this three- ingredient snack, you might as well make two batches while you're at it.


Slow Cooker Pumpkin Spice Apple Sauce

Pumpkin spice gradated from flavoring pies to becoming the star of fall lattes, but The Scrumptious Pumpkin has a creative use for those spices that people go crazy for. This hearty slow cooker pumpkin spice applesauce is the perfect snack for a chilly day. It still has the classic feel of the cups of applesauce you are nostalgic for, but offers a new riff on flavor. 

Images: Courtesy of Damn Delicious; Baked By Rachel; Cookie + Kate; Damn Delicious; Love and Lemons; Bakes By Rachel; Gimme Some Oven; The Scrumptious Pumpkin