7 Hacks Everyone With Straight Hair Should Know

You know that saying, "the grass is always greener on the side," that people use all the time? Well, no matter how many times I hear how I should appreciate what I have, I'm still deep in the throes of a love-hate relationship with my stick straight hair. You may be happier with the straight strands you were born with than I am, but there are some universal truths about having non-curly strands. In fact, there are some basic hacks everyone with straight hair should know. Because regardless of how you feel about your linear locks, you've still got to take care of them, right?

An analogy I always use with friends who straight up (no pun intended) loathe their flat strands is this: straight hair is like a block of tofu. Unless you know the proper tools, tricks, and methods for it, you'll be unhappy with your flavorless situation. Sometimes all it takes to get you out of a frumpy slump is to take a creative approach to your coif.

Thankfully beauty experts, stylists, and hair care aficionados from around the world wide web have curated some of the best hacks for people with straight hair. Check them out.


Be Gentle

You might think that since your strands are as straight as a board that they're as strong as one, too, but that's not necessarily the case. "Straight hair doesn't have the same 'bounce' and 'flexibility' that curly hair does," Pravana-certified stylist, Tiffany Sposato, tells Romper. "It's best to take your time so you won't risk damage."


Beware Of Oil

It's not your imagination that your friends with luscious waves and curls don't have to wash their hair as often as you do. According to The Straight Hair Club, "the natural oil in hair flows much more easily in straight hair because of its physical structure." So make sure to adjust your product use since straight hair gets oily easier than curls do.


Avoid Sleeping With Damp Hair

As you already know, straight hair lacks the "ability to bounce back." That's why women with waves can go to bed with damp hair and still wake up looking adorbs. Katie Allan, international educator for L'oreal, told Good Housekeeping, "straight hair is at its weakest when it’s wet, meaning that sleeping with damp open hair can cause damage and frizz."


Work On Your Angles

Having straight hair doesn't mean that you can't get volume. It turns out the angle at which you blow your hair dry is key. Sally Hershberger NYC salon stylist Travis Speck told Bustle that you should blow dry your roots away from your scalp to give your locks a little bounce.


Use Heat Wisely

Even those with naturally straight stands can use a little help maintaining their sleek look with a flat iron. But just because you're locks are already on the smooth side doesn't mean you can forgo cautionary measures. Celebrity hairstylist Amita Moticka told Total Beauty that fine hair requires less heat than thick hair does, regardless of whether it's curly or straight.


Opt For A T-Shirt

If you notice that your straight strands have been taking a lot of heat lately, give them a break by laying off your blow dryer for a bit. Kristin Ess, a celebrity hairstylist, told Allure that women with naturally straight strands should, "dry your hair with an old T-shirt to avoid frizz."


Switch It Up

A downside plenty of people see in having flat tresses is that they can appear limp or dull. Sposato says, "with straight hair, the way you part your hair can impact your look more than it would for someone with curls." She suggests switching things up from time to time by parting your hair on a different side than you normally do to give a bit of natural oomph.