7 Tips For Cutting Your Own Bangs

When I was in middle school, bangs were all the rave. So, naturally, I begged my mom to take me to a salon to get this trendy 'do. She took me to a salon the first time, but insisted on cutting my bangs herself every time after that. And, even though my mom wasn't hairstylist, she always knew exactly how to make my bangs look good and kept a notepad to the side filled with hacks for cutting your own bangs and hair.

To be honest, I haven't had bangs since my middle school days. I really liked my bangs, but my style changed over the years and that wasn't part of the evolution. However, now that I'm well in my 20s, I've considered bringing them back into my current hairstyles. Although I probably won't cut them myself the first time around, I'll definitely be taking a page from my mom's book of keeping my own notebook with hacks so that I can keep up the style while saving money on salon visits.

Whether you're looking to refresh your bangs or recreate your seventh grade yearbook photo, these bang cutting hacks will help you get it as close to perfect as possible.


Get The Right Equipment

Before you start the cutting your hair, Seventeen noted that you want to make sure you have the right equipment to do so. That means staying away from craft, cuticle, or safety scissors.


Only Use Dry Hair

Cosmopolitan noted that you should only cut bangs on dry hair using dry for the best results. If you use wet hair, your hair may turn out shorter than expected or uneven since hair shrinks when wet.


Mark Your Shape

Marking your shape is one of the keys to cutting your bangs accurately. Redbook suggested dipping the bangs in chalk water to mark the shape you want to create and cut just outside the chalk line.


Don’t Raise Your Eyebrows

According to Refinery29, be sure to not raise your eyebrows when cutting your bangs as it distorts the bang placement.


Divide Your Hair Into A Triangle

According to Brit + Co., one of the first steps to cutting your bangs would be to divide your hair into a triangle section to develop your bangs. To do so, measure from the top center of your head to the outside of your eyebrows. This hack will help you to ensure that you have the best shape for your bangs.


Start From The Middle

Cosmopolitan noted that you should start cutting from the middle of your bangs and move outward. For the best result, start at the middle and then go to the left side of your bangs. Then, after that side is done, start at the middle again and move to the right side.


Cut At An Angle

Harper’s Bazaar recommended cutting an an angle for the best bangs. Hold your scissors so that they are cutting up through the hair at an angle to create a soft edge. This is the technique stylists use at salons.