7 Hacks For Cutting Your Own Hair, That Won't Lead To A Terrifying Trim

Back when I rocked a short cut, I had to make an actual effort to be in my stylist's chair about every two to three weeks. Usually, I'm not one to go to the salon often because I'm pretty cheap, so having to go every other week was beginning to become frustrating to me. And, it costly, too. When I decided that I couldn't keep paying as much as I was for a trim on my hair, I started finding different hacks for cutting your own hair to save me a few coins here or there.

Though there was definitely a necessity for me to go when I wanted to try a new style, I found different resources for keeping up the style that my stylist created without having to pay the high price they were charging. I know that you should leave certain things to the professionals, but when it came to my budget, going to my stylist ever other week just wasn't in the plan anymore.

If you're like me and are looking for a way to cut back on heading to your stylist as often as you do, these seven tricks will help you keep up your style and make it look as fresh as possible in between visits.


Use The Twisted Rope Effect For Split Ends

According to Cosmopolitan, twisting your hair into the rope effect is a great way to cut your split ends. It also cuts down on the time and effort of searching for your split ends. Just section off your hair, twist it and cut the pieces sticking out.


Keep It Basic

NY Daily News noted that you should only be giving yourself basic maintenance if cutting your hair at home. Trying to recreate a style or make your own can cause you to damage your hair.


Start With Damp Hair

According to Refinery29, starting off with damp hair is the first step to getting a good haircut at home. Be sure to detangle your tresses before attempting to cut, too.


Cut Upwards Into Curly Hair

Have a curly mane to work with? Cosmopolitan noted that when attempting to trim your own curls, use the same technique as cutting your split ends, but cut upwards into the hair while doing so. By cutting upwards, you will eliminate creating a blunt, bulky line.


Use The Right Scissors

Stylecaster noted that one of the most important factors to giving yourself a great at home snip is to use the right scissors. Invest in a good pair of hair-cutting shears so that you giving yourself the best professional look possible and to ensure that you're not damaging your hair.


For Bangs, Aim Your Scissors High

When it comes to bangs, NY Daily News noted that you should be pointing your scissors toward the ceiling when cutting your bangs. Aiming your scissors upward instead of straight across will give you a softer look.


Use Your Ears

According to InStyle, you should use your ears to determine how to section off your cuts. The hair found in front of your ears belongs to the front of your head, while the ones behind belong to the back. Since you can't see the back of your head, you shouldn't be attempting to cut it as your stylist has most likely created a specific structure for your style.