7 Hairstyles For the Gym That Will Look Awesome Before & After Your Workout

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look good at the gym. In fact, feeling great about yourself is an awesome way to approach your workout. And part of the persona means mastering the perfect hairstyles for the gym. Because let’s be real — having loose, sweaty strands of hair stuck to your face is going to mess with your workout mojo.

Sure, throwing it a ponytail will do the job just fine. But there are some great gym-friendly hairstyles out there. Why limit yourself t the same one every day? Not to mention, there are some great workout hairdos that can transition from work to workout to night out — even if it is a little sweaty.

When it comes to a great workout ‘do,the key is keeping hair out of your face. Some swear the messy bun is the best hairstyle for working out. Others think braids to make the most sense, because they bind up those locks and still look chic. (If you’re nervous about mastering the braided look, there are great braid tutorials out there.) Regardless, any one of these seven gym-friendly hairstyles will keep flyaways at bay during Flywheel and keep you looking good long after your cool down.


Halo Braid

Also known as a milkmaid or headband braid, this look is so pretty you'd never think of it as a gym 'do.


Messy Bun

Some might consider this the one and only look for the gym; a loose, messy bun piled high and secured with a bobby pin or two. And you can execute a bun that looks effortlessly chic in seven easy steps.


Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids are a perfect on-trend way to get styled for the gym. And don't be daunted by the 'do. It's so simple you can swim through it.


Double Fishtail Braid

If one fishtail braid is a good thing, why not double up on the concept? A double fishtail braid is simple two braids plaited together to form one?


Rope Braids

Splitting your hair into two parts and whipping up some rope braids is a great way to keep your strands contained (and it'll look super-cute, too).


French Braid

The great thing about a French braid is that it pulls all of your locks together into a tight plait that's unlikely to come loose during even a rigorous workout.


Braided Ponytail

The braided ponytail will add a loose, pretty twist to your everyday look.

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