7 Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil To Make You Feel Your Best

The former black sheep of the wellness family has recently become a shining star. Coconut oil, which was once condemned for its high fat content, has made a comeback in the past few years to prove that it has been a victim of mistaken identity. Although most professionals once warned against eating this food, nutritionists, researchers, and doctors alike are now encouraging you to consider the health benefits of coconut oil. As it turns out, what once held coconut oil out of the spotlight is the exact ingredient that has brought it all its fame — I'm talking about fats.

Not all fats are created equal, and when it comes to the type of fats your body really needs, Medium Chain Trigylcerides (MTCs) are the golden ticket. According to Nutrition Review, MCTs have a broad range of health benefits, such as the ability to make energy, increase the immune response, and boost heart health. Which is why it's good to be coconut oil, because this delicious, nutty oil is juts bursting with MCTs.

Since making a good name for itself, you can now find coconut oil in just about any supermarket or online food retailer — and its uses are as diverse as the place you can buy it. Try some spread on toast, blended into your coffee, or strait up off a spoon. Just know that when you're chowing on coconut oil, you are providing your body with these seven health benefits that will make you feel your best.


It Improves Glucose Tolerance

Usually the word triglycerides doesn't go hand-in-hand with health. But when you consider the MCTs in coconut oil, that's another story. As Medical News Today reported, the MCTs in coconut oil improve glucose tolerance. This is good news in the diabetes world, as coconut oil has also been linked to insulin preservation.


It Keeps Your Heart Healthy

When it comes to fat in food, coconut oil may have the secret ingredient: lauric acid. As registered dietitian Wendy Bazillion told Shape Magazine, "the saturated fat in coconut oil is mostly lauric acid, a medium-chain saturated fatty acid that appears to have a more neutral effect on heart health when compared to longer-chain saturated fats found in meats and dairy products."


It Improves Memory

As your body ages, the brain losses stamina for turning glucose into energy that helps with brain functions such as memory. But according to Natural News, coconut oil can fuel the memory by breaking the MCTs when there is a lack of glucose. That means just a little coconut oil a day can rev up the brain and help keep memory function sharp.


It Boosts Your Energy

If you're looking for an immediate lift in your energy level, turn to coconut oil to get the job done. As Runner's World reported, coconut oil converts to energy quickly because of the way MCTs are metabolized. Longer chain fats deposit into tissues, while medium chain go by way of the liver and instantly convert to fuel for your body.


It Provides Constipation Relief

If you've been a little backed up in the poop department, try downing some coconut oil to get things moving. According to Mind Body Green, coconut oil helps relieve constipation. It doesn't matter if you matter if you scoop it by the spoonful or drink it in liquid form, the point is just getting the coconut oil in your body and letting it work its magic.


It Boosts Your Immunity

Aside from being delicious, coconut oil is naturally full of antiviral properties, meaning it's a great food to keep in mind when you're feeling under the weather. As One Green Planet reported, coconut oil can help boost immunity due to its concentration of lauric acid and caprylic acid. These ingredients help to fight off infections and the growth of candida (excess yeast) in the body.


If Gives You Glowing Skin

It's true what they say about glowing skin coming from within, an coconut oil is one of those rare finds that can help both on the outside and the inside. Aside from incorporating coconut oil into your food, you can also apply it topically for soft skin. According to Prevention, coconut oil helps skin stay soft because it is antibacterial, antifungal, moisturizing. Which means it is also a winner for relieving skin of minor irritation such as itchiness from dry skin.

Convinced? Good. Then get thee to a supermarket and stock up on coconut oil STAT!