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7 Healthy Ways For Moms To Get More Energy To Have Sex

Whether your wiped out, tuned out, or touched out, finding healthy ways for moms to get more energy to have sex can be as simple as changing your snack choices. It's not news that moms are among those most tired of beings wandering the earth. And after giving their all to work, family, and extra responsibilities, many mamas feel like they have nothing left to give. But when a lack of energy leads to a dip in her sex life, mom needs some energy hacks to help her feel more in the mood and ready for action. (Not to mention more peppy in general.)

According to Women's Health magazine, making sexual pleasure a priority pays off for a woman's long game, since women who consider sex important tend to enjoy more sex with greater satisfaction well into the golden years of their life. Which all sounds very rah-rah getcha some action, but how do you go from the brink of exhaustion to regular orgasms without overdosing on chocolate covered espresso beans? These seven healthy energy enhancers meant to help your sex life are the perfect solution for any mom who's been considering getting, "Not tonight, I'm tired," tattooed on her forearm.


Chow Down

Rev up your love engine by loading up on foods that feed your libido. The website for Mind Body Green suggested noshing on acia berries, almonds, greens, maca, sea vegetables, and strawberries to jumpstart your sexual energy.


Don't Wait Until Bedtime

According to Oprah, "testosterone, which is partially responsible for our sex drive, is at its lowest in both women and men," at nighttime. So seize the moment first thing in the morning or have a little afternoon delight, and you'll have more energy for getting it on.


Get Moving

Making time for a 35 to 40 minute sweat sesh boosts your energy and gets your blood pumping, as Prevention magazine explained. Channel this extra energy into a romp and you'll be glowing from head to toe.


Do Some Stretches

Feeling sluggish keeping you from getting busy? Give your body some good stretches to stimulate your nervous system, as Health magazine suggested. These energizing moves will give you plenty of momentum for sex.


Soak Up Some Rays

If the sun is shining, take advantage of those beneficial rays of light. According to Shape magazine, if you want to increase your energy, soak up some vitamin D for at least 15 minutes.


Switch The Channel To Nature

Instead of catching up on your shows at the end of the day, spend some times in nature. According to Fitness magazine, a 2008 study in Psychological Science found found that spending time in nature helps restore people's energy and focus. Enjoy the view from your back porch, or stroll through the park to conquer fatigue and put you in the mood for some bow-chicka-bow-bow.


Sniff Your Way There

You won't have to dig too deep to find the energy for sex if you let your nose lighten the load. According to Prevention, certain scents have been proven to increase vaginal blood flow and get the party started in your lady parts. Put your sniffer to work on cucumbers, baby powder, pumpkin pie, licorice, or lavender and wait for the magic to start.