7 Holiday Makeup Tricks To Keep Your Look Festive & Fun

Whether you have a long list of holiday parties on your calendar or you just enjoy feeling the spirit of the season, chances are you’re going to want to make sure your Christmas makeup game is on point. Plus, winter is one of the best times to try out some amazing holiday makeup looks. But, if you’re like me, you’re not exactly a super professional makeup artist. You may — again, like me — even be in desperate need of some holiday makeup tricks to save time during the rush of the holidays.

The winter months can also mean that your bank account might be running a little lower than usual. In between buying presents for friends and family, picking up festive decorations, and dropping dough on all the other last minute expenses that arise, there’s probably not a whole lot left over to be spending on new makeup — but don’t worry! Experts and professional makeup artists (also known as MUAs) from all around the world wide web have shared their best tips for getting the perfect holiday party makeup without having to break the bank. So, cosmetic newbie or seasoned vet, here are some of the ultimate hacks to keep you looking fun, fresh, and festive!


Sprinkle In Some Sparkle

Want a quick way to add a little oomph to your look? Celebrity makeup artist Merrell Hollis told Elle that it’s as simple as mixing in a bit of loose shimmer with your foundation to get a glowing complexion.


Rock Your Best Red Lips

What would a holiday party be without red lipstick? If you don’t want your bold lips to compete with the rest of your face, makeup artist Susie Sobol told Allure that you can soften the look by running a cotton swab along the edges of your lipstick.


Intensify Your Eyes

Every woman deserves to know how to achieve fierce eyes; and bonus, it’s easier than you might think! Urban Decay lead artist Amanda Rodriguez told Total Beauty that dipping your brush or finger into water before applying shadow will give you an incredibly bold look for the holiday season.


Keep Brows In Place

The last thing you want to worry about while you’re living it up at a party is if your look is staying in place. One area you don’t want to forget about are your eyebrows. Makeup artist Bethany Brill showed Refinery29 that spritzing your eyebrow brush with hairspray before grooming your brows will have them set in place all night long.


Amp Up Your Lashes

MUA Merrell Hollis shared two insider secrets with Elle that cutting false eyelashes into three segments makes them easier to apply and if you angle them up at the edges it adds a serious wow factor.


Don't Forget Blush

Though it was once a beauty staple, blush has taken the backseat while contouring has had its moment. But at without some good ol’ rouge on those cheeks, “with a flash camera, you can look—well, dead,"makeup artist Matin told Glamour. So don’t shy away from letting your cheeks get a little rosy this winter.


Embrace The Dark Side

If you’re not exactly on the Taylor Swift bandwagon and classic red lips aren’t really your thing, why not use your next party as the perfect excuse to try a new twist on the look? MUA Susie Sobol told Allure that a deep, licorice-hued liner under a red lipstick gives you a sultry and sophisticated alternative.

Images: Lizavetta/Fotolia; Giphy (7)