7 Holiday Travel Hacks That Will Make Your Trip Merry & Bright

Traveling over the holidays is famously stressful. Think Home Alone, with Kevin's mother traveling back from France after realizing she accidentally left her 8-year-old son home, alone. Travel over the holidays takes worries that already exist (family relationships,money) and make them worse, which is why it's important to have a few holiday travel hacks to make your trip a little more merry and bright.

Whether you are on a plane, train, or automobile; traveling through snow, sleet, or sunshine, things can get rough. You're tired, thirsty, and trying to keep track of all your stuff without also losing your way. You'd probably also like to spend as little money as possible. You know the basics: pack light, arrive early at the airport, bring weather appropriate clothes, save money with a red-eye flight. But what else can you do to make your trip go smoothly and, hopefully not lose any actual people along the way?

That's where these nine holiday travel hacks come in to play to help make the trips easier and more festive, less restive. So slouch down in your car and take a bite of your taco, or relax in your plane seat while you dream of pie, and have yourself a merry little trip.


Use A Shower Caddy to Hold Your Fast Food

When you get take-out in the car, it can get messy and frustrating trying to organize it all. Taking along a simple two-sided shower caddy simplifies the process allowing you place the food in between the driver and passenger seat.


Scan Your Passport And Important Papers And Email Them To Yourself

There's few things worse while traveling then losing important paperwork. Scanning your passport, driver's license, itinerary and other important papers and emailing them to yourself gives you a back-up.


Check Your Credit Card For Perks

Your credit cards may already have special deals and freebies that you aren't aware of. Give them a call and find out.


Saran Wrap Your Drinks

Avoid spills by covering the tops of cups with saran cling wrap, and stick a straw in the middle. Bonus tip: soda is a quick and easy way to quell carsickness.


Use Pill Cases To Store Jewelry

Like to wear jewelry? To store your rings and necklaces, just pick up a cheap pill case and make sure you won't lose a piece on your trip.


Flex Your Flight Schedule

If you can, book your flight for the least popular travel days, like Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, to save big. Also keep in mind that, although there is not a universal agreement, the cheapest days of the week to fly seem to be Tuesday and Wednesday .


Wrap Gifts When You Arrive

Wrapping and traveling with holiday gifts often ends with wrinkled and torn presents. Bring wrap with you, or just buy some once you arrive, and wrap when you've settled in.

Images: laszlolorik/Fotolia; Mike Licht, Kat, FrankieLeon, mo1229, Emma Jane Hogbin Westby, Jen Light, Jennifer C/Flickr