7 Hospital Bag Essentials You Need If You're Giving Birth In Winter

When you first become pregnant, you have all kinds of notions about how it will be, including idyllic photos of snow falling around your rounded belly or sunbathing in a bikini while sporting a baby bump. The truth is, while those things might exist in Instagram world, pregnancy and the seasonal elements typically have other ideas in mind. Which is why a winter due date might have you stressed about what to pack for when it's baby time. Don't worry — I've got you covered below with the hospital bag essentials you'll need if you're giving birth in the winter.

My daughter was a summer baby, so I was much more consumed with how to keep sweat from collecting in the crease between my belly and boobs than I was with keeping my toes from freezing off. But that doesn't mean I understand your want to be prepared any less. Whether pregnancy brain has left you totally blank on what to pack or you simply want a checklist to compare to what you've already set aside, this list will serve as a good reminder for what you will want to have on hand.

OK, grab a pen and paper, and let's get to work. Because while the pain of labor isn't something you can control, keeping you and your little one cozy certainly is.


A Coat

It might seem like a no-brainer, but when you are running out of the house in the throes of contractions, a coat might be the last thing you're thinking about. It won't seem like a big deal at the time, but you'll think differently when you go to leave the hospital and it's freezing outside. Throw an extra one in your bag just in case.


Coziest Socks Ever

I don't know about you, but my hands and feet are the first thing to get cold when temperatures drop. And what is it about hospitals that makes them freaking freezing? Stash a pair of fuzzy socks in your bag for you and your little one to keep both of your toes warm. If it was me, then I would go for these Cashmere Christina Crew Socks ($60, Nordstrom). You are, after all, birthing a human and you so deserve it.


All The Hats

Make sure you toss a hat for you and one for your bundle of joy into your bag. If you don't already have one picked out, then you should check out the Oenbopo Baby Winter Warm Knit Hat ($7, Amazon). I'm kind of in love with it. Just keep in mind that you might want to size up. Those little hats are adorable, but if your kid has a huge noggin like my daughter, then you will be SOL.



While you are accessorizing, be sure to throw in a pair of mittens for your little one, too. Those teeny baby hands might need the extra coverage. These Smart Little Bears Cream Fleece Magnetic Mittens ($14, Magnetic Me) are kind of genius — a hidden magnet keeps the pair together, meaning you'll never have a lost mitten. More of this, please.


A Robe

You'll be grateful to have this in your bag no matter the season (that walk from the bed to the bathroom can feel like a long one). But when the weather outside is frightful, you are especially going to want something to wrap yourself in when venturing out of bed or simply to cover up with — and still be comfortable — when guests visit.


Lip Balm

An inability to drink water and rely only on ice chips during hours-long labor can already leave you with dry lips. Add in cold and windy winter weather, and your lips will be begging for your favorite ChapStick or lip balm. Don't forget to toss it into your bag.


An Extra Blanket

It never hurts to bring a touch of home with you to the hospital to make you feel more comfortable in the midst of everything sterile. And if you're due in the winter, then a blanket is the perfect way to do that. Make room for your favorite next to the 100 you've already packed for your little one. Nothing on hand? Treat yourself to this Chunky Knit Blanket ($70, Etsy). You'll be glad you did.

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