7 Interesting Physical & Personality Traits That Indicate You're Highly Fertile

by Lauren Schumacker

Fertility is a tricky thing to pin down. For at least some of your fertile years, you likely don't pay too close attention to exactly how fertile you might be, but once you're inching closer to wanting to start a family of your own, your fertility (as well as your partner's) will probably be of far more interest to you. And while there are some more medical, official things that can give you a bit of an idea about how fertile you might be, there are also some interesting physical and personality traits that indicate you're highly fertile and you may be interested in knowing more about what those signs might be.

You might not have ever even realized that someone's personality traits or physical characteristics could tell you anything about their fertility, whether it might mean they're highly fertile or not, but they actually might be able to say more than you thought. In some cases, these things might be tied to hormone levels, while in other cases they might be tied more to levels of attractiveness. In order for early humans to reproduce successfully and effectively, it makes sense that certain attributes that might be found to be more attractive would indicate that someone might be more fertile. These traits that might indicate that you're highly fertile might not be essential to know, but it's certainly interesting to know what sorts of characteristics might tell you something about your own body.


You're Neurotic

If you're kind of neurotic and also a woman, that might be an indication that you're more fertile. A release from Science Daily noted that a 2010 University of Sheffield study found that women that have more signs of neuroticism have more babies in places where the birth rate is typically high.


Your Voice Is A Certain Pitch

The pitch of your voice might also give you a clue as to how fertile you might be. Popular Science reported that a study from researchers at the University of Wroclaw in Poland found that women with higher-pitched voices tended to have more offspring. The article also noted that a 2007 study found that men with lower-pitched voices have more offspring, but since it can be difficult to know for sure if the children they're raising are their own (or, at least, more so than for women), it's a bit difficult to know if the voices and fertility were related.


You're An Extrovert

Fertility might be higher for extroverted men, too. As the aforementioned release from Science Daily noted, the same University of Sheffield study found that extroverted men had about 14 percent more children than less-extroverted men.


Your Period Is Extremely Predictable

If your period is exactly regular, occurring at the same time each month, that could also be a sign that you're more fertile. In an interview with Bustle, Dr. Wendy Chang, an OB-GYN, said that if your period is consistently regular, that's a good indication that you're ovulating each month. Having a cycle that lasts for awhile could also potentially mean that you have more eggs in reserve, as the aforementioned Bustle article noted.


You Have A Low Hip-To-Waist Ratio

In an online post he wrote for Psychology Today, Dr. Nathan H. Lents, PhD, said that the amounts of estrogen, progesterone, and prolactin in your body determine whether your hip-to-waist ratio is lower or higher. This ratio might be tied to attractiveness and increased fertility, as a paper from the University of Texas noted.


You Look Like An Average Guy

Though you might think a handsome man would be more fertile, that might not actually be the case. Men's Health reported that researchers from Sweden and Finland found that men with features considered to be manly actually had poorer quality of semen than those with less-manly features.


Your Torso Is Lean

Interestingly enough, the way a man's midsection looks might also tell you something about their fertility. As the previously-mentioned article from Men's Health noted, researchers from the Netherlands concluded that men who have a waist that measures 40 inches around or more, have lower concentrations of sperm and less sperm that moves normally.

Regardless of whether your own fertility is at the top of your consciousness or not, there's little doubt that it's interesting that some of your physical and personality traits might give you a peek into what's going on.