7 Interesting Relationship Healers

by Olivia Youngs

Whether you're in the throes of a new relationship or have been with the same partner for years, it's normal for things to be less than perfect sometimes. Arguments happen and, even though it can feel differently in the moment, they're usually not the end of the world. Whether you tend to be cool as a cucumber or let your emotions get the best of you, having a few pre-established ways to end an argument can be helpful. Better yet, coming up with some fun, interesting relationship healers that will help mend things between the two of you can even make ending your argument, dare I say it, sort of fun.

Of course, the standard ways to patch up a relationship — things like expressing how you feel, empathizing with their point of view, and obviously, apologizing and forgiving — are all good and effective. But sometimes, you've got to spice things up, even when it comes to how you solve a conflict.

Granted, something as simple as the way you solve an argument won't fix all of your relationship woes, but getting creative and implementing some of these relationship healers can certainly help cool things down the next time you and your partner are fighting.


Take A Break

Although it's probably not the smartest idea to walk out on every argument, learning when to take a break when things get out of hand can be an invaluable tool. According to HuffPost, stepping aside and giving each other some space can be powerful in more ways than one. Whether you go for a solo walk or choose to not see each other for a few hours (or days,) taking some time alone can help both of you see things clearly and, more than likely, miss your SO by the time it's all over.


Hold Hands Or Hug It Out

Holding hands (or otherwise touching) your partner is probably not high on your to-do list when you're in the middle of an argument. However, according to an article from The New York Times, physical touch has healing powers that are unparalleled. A simple touch or embrace with your partner can help you both be more empathetic and loving towards the other.


Write A Letter

There's nothing sweeter than a love note, but you're not going to think about writing one in the heat of the moment. However, Psyche Central suggested writing a quick note about how you feel to work through things quicker. Getting in the habit of writing your feelings down, whether you give them to your partner or not, can be therapeutic.


Use A Code Word

Having a "code word" of sorts that tells you when it's time to call it quits on an argument sounds a bit juvenile and silly, but believe it or not, it can actually work. According to Women's Day , a code word, whether serious or silly, can give you both a needed excuse to just stop the argument where it's at and move on.


Dance It Out

Again, dancing is probably the last thing you want to do when you're on each other's bad sides, but the aforementioned Women's Day piece noted that dancing can be enough to zap the argument in its tracks.


Have Sex

When you're having an argument, chances are that at least one of you is feeling the sexual tension in the air. According to Redbook, making love in the middle of an argument isn't an admission that one of you is wrong and the other is right, but it is a great way to connect with each other and, more than likely, make you forget why you were fighting in the first place.


Play Your Song

Do the two of you have a special song that you listened to at the beginning of your relationship? Is there one that always makes you laugh or puts you in good moods? Keep that song handy to play when things get heated and, like the aforementioned Psyche Central article noted, you'll feel emotionally better in no time.