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Katherine Ryan Jokes About Being A Single Mom In 'Glitter Room'

Comedian Katherine Ryan is tackling dating, feminism, and motherhood In her new Netflix special, Glitter Room. Along with sharing her observations about obnoxious school moms and the benefits of being single, she talks about the experience of raising her British daughter by herself in the UK. And when Katherine Ryan jokes about being a single mom in Glitter Room, she totally nails it.

After moving from Canada to London, Ryan gave birth to her daughter Violet and in an interview with the BBC, she revealed how content she was being a single mom. "I cannot say enough how much I recommend being a single mum," she told the outlet. "She [Violet] is never interrupting an adult conversation, whereas sometimes my sisters and I would want to say something and my mum would be like 'I'm talking to your father' and she doesn't have that — I don't worry about her having the same types of damaging messages that I had. She sees her mum working all the time so I think she will be alright."

Whether you’re a single mom or not, it’s easy to relate to Ryan’s experiences as a woman just trying to live her best life, and her hilarious takes on motherhood will leave you laughing out loud.

On Talking About Her Ex

Ryan revealed that she co-parents with her ex quite successfully, and respects him as her child’s father. When Violet talks to Ryan about her dad’s good qualities, Ryan responds with nothing but compliments about him, but that leads to Violet wondering why they aren’t dating. “You have to think on your feet as a single mom,” she jokes. “I’m like ‘Great question...that is because he...is...too good for me.’”’ Violet is unsure about the response, and then points out that Ryan is on television while her father doesn’t even have a microwave.

On Co-Parenting

After Ryan tells Violet about how wonderful her dad is and how she’s not good enough to date him, she knows that her daughter will do whatever it takes to get them back together. She knows that when Violet goes back to her dad’s house, she’ll tell him how much Ryan misses him and loves him. But Ryan and her ex have the whole situation worked out. He will also tell Violet that he loves her mother, but that he is just not good enough for her. “And so we’ve worked it out that Violet thinks she has two parents who are very much in love,” Ryan jokes. “But just with bottom-of-the-barrel self-esteem problems.”

On Dating

Ryan joked that she dating one man that she actually considered allowing into her house, but when he moved to Japan, it broke her heart. When he called her and told her he expected her to pull her daughter out of school and follow him to Japan because he hoped she “needed” him, she told him she never really needed him at all. “No, I don’t need you, I liked you,” she said. “I enjoy your company, but you are a luxury item.” When he tells her he hoped to be her second priority after her daughter, she laughs, “Hah, second, no.”

On The Stigma of Being A Single Mom

When talking to two single moms in the audience, Ryan points out that single moms are often shamed into getting into another relationship, while single fathers are celebrated as “eligible.” “I just bought a house in Central London,” she jokes. “They would have made me the Bachelor two years ago.”

On Single Fathers

Ryan points out that if she was a man, raising a daughter with no financial help, there would be shirtless memes and viral Youtube videos lauding him for doing random things like housework. She goes on to highlight the viral video of a dad braiding his daughter’s hair which got 40 million views. “Incredible dad learns to braid his own child’s hair, how does he do it?” she jokes.

On Her Choice To Stay Single

Ryan talks about how people are always telling her to find someone, but that she’s just happy doing her own thing. “Boys are taught to become somebody, girls are taught to find somebody,” she says. “I have chosen to do neither of those dog s**t things.”

On The Contentment Of Being Single

Ryan talks about going to the funeral of her friend’s aunt, who was a 95-year-old woman who escaped the Nazis and started her own successful business. “As we saw her off, a man next to us said ‘Oh, so sad, 95-years-old and never able to find a man,’” she says. “I was like ‘How do you think she lived so long?’”

Ryan offers up a refreshing and much needed feminist take on single motherhood. For more laughs, you can check out her entire special, Glitter Room, currently streaming on Netflix.