7 Last-Minute Mother Son Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is almost here. And if you haven't quite gotten around to picking out something awesome to wear for trick-or-treating, why not consider an easy last-minute mother and son Halloween costume this year? Sure, your 11-year-old might not want to "couple's costume" with his mom, but your little guy? The one who still thinks you're the most beautiful fairy princess in the universe? Yep, he will totally be down.

A few years ago, Sandra Bullock became everyone's Halloween #momgoals when she and her son Louis, who was two at the time, went trick-or-treating as Toy Story's Buzz Lightyear and Jessie (the Yodelin' Cowgirl). Since that day, I have tried to convince my teenage son to wear coordinating costumes with me, to no avail. I've even considered releasing my inner Beverly Goldberg and sneakily picking out a matching costume, but I can already see the repercussions. Take my advice moms of little boys, if you want to "couple's costume" with your kid, do it now before he reaches the age of no return.

If you are convinced, but still need a little bit of inspiration, check out these last-minute mother and son Halloween costume ideas, so that moms like me can live vicariously through you.


Cat & Mouse

You can be a cat using a plain black long sleeve shirt ($9), black pants ($24), cat ears headband ($15), some high top sneakers ($55), and black eyeliner ($5) for your nose and whiskers. Your little mouse needs a pair of mouse ears ($8), a gray romper ($40) and some gray sneakers ($30).


Snow White & Dopey

Become Snow White easily with a royal blue t-shirt ($5), a yellow skirt ($16) and red bow headband ($7). Your little Dopey needs a green long sleeve t-shirt ($12), a pair of jeans ($20), and a slouchy purple beanie cap ($8).


Minnie & Mickey

To become Minnie you need Minnie ears ($10), a red polka dot skirt ($10), a plain black long sleeve shirt ($9), and black tights ($6). For your little Mickey, all you need is a pair of mouse ears ($10), some red sweatpants ($8) or shorts, a black t-shirt ($4) and some black eyeliner or face paint to draw on a nose and whiskers.


Eleven & Dustin

To become Eleven, you need a pink dress ($16), accessorize with a Peter Pan collar, some tube socks ($8), high top sneakers ($59), and a blond wig ($16). Your little Dustin costume needs a graphic tee ($20), a pair of jeans ($16), a brown jacket ($45) and his signature red, white, and blue trucker cap ($8).


Boo & Sully

You can be Boo with purple leggings ($11), a long pink top ($16), and white ankle socks ($6 for a six-pack). Your little Sully can be recreated with this cute fleece romper ($25).


Curious George & The Man With The Yellow Hat

This Curious George mom-look needs a brown skirt ($16), brown tights ($9), a brown leotard ($18) or top, and a monkey ears and tail set ($10). Your mini Man With The Yellow Hat needs a yellow bowler cap ($7), a yellow dress shirt ($15), yellow pants ($13) and a black tie ($5).


Pooh & Tigger

Get Mom's look with a pair of gold pants ($17), a matching gold long-sleeve shirt ($10), and a red t-shirt ($4). Finish off the look with a pair of Pooh ears ($9). Baby's look can be easily recreated with this Tigger romper ($25).