7 Last-Minute "Nasty Women" Costumes That Flaunt Your Feminism This Halloween


Unless you've been living under a rock recently, you know about the low-blow Donald Trump threw at Hillary Clinton during the finale presidential debate when he called her a "nasty woman." And although I'm sure Trump was hoping to incite rage, discomfort, or an uprising, his plan backfired. Within minutes, the internet rose up a battle cry that turned into a massive roar. Women everywhere began decrying themselves as nasty women. Which is why now is as good a time as ever to peruse the last-minute "nasty women" costumes, to flaunt your feminism this Halloween while making a solid political statement.

If there's ever been an election that's worthy of multiple political pundit costumes, it's the 2016 election. With the lack of fact-checking during the debates, the number of times Donald Trump has taken to Twitter to insult women, and the number of election-inspired Saturday Night Live skits, 2016 certainly rivals 2008's slew of Sarah Palin costumes and comedic relief. So if you're feeling a little bit overwhelmed by the questionable dumpster-fire that is the 2016 election, look no further for a costume to help you make your political statement, because nasty women are everywhere, and what better way to prove it than by paying homage to one of your favorite nasty women during Halloween?

1Hilary Rodham Clinton

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The "nastiest" woman of them all, Hillary Rodham Clinton is the perfect Halloween costume to flaunt this weekend. In true Hillary style, rock out with your pantsuit out in a classic patriotic color. Start with a pair of red palazzo pants ($22), a red blazer ($41), and a blonde wig ($26). Instead of your typical oxford underneath, sport a "Nasty Woman For President" t-shirt ($16) to make sure everyone knows just how nasty you are. Just add pearl earrings ($24) and you're unmistakably ready to run for office.

2Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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It wouldn't be right to skip Halloween without paying homage to the Justice who spoke her mind regarding Donald Trump, would it?

With a black dress ($18), a pair of black tights ($30), and a gavel ($17), you're well on your way to emulating good 'ole Ginsburg. Add in a pair of wire rimmed glasses ($16), an oversized collar necklace ($28), and a nasty woman enamel pin ($11), and you'll be ready to dissent, all night long.

3Elizabeth Warren


Elizabeth Warren's wardrobe could be considered pretty close to her pal Hillary's, but there are a few ways you can make Liz's wardrobe your own when taking on this nasty woman costume. Wear a purple blazer ($45) over top of a  "Such A Nasty Woman" t-shirt ($19), don your short blonde wig ($46), and a pair of wire rimmed glasses ($16), and prepare your list of unapologetic and relentless questions for Wells Fargo, in case you run into any employees.

4Alicia Machado

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Who could forget Trump's remarks, referring to Miss Universe pageant winner Alicia Machado as Miss Piggy? To combat body-shamer Donald Trump and support the stunning Alicia Machado, toss on a ballgown and flaunt what you've got, ladies. To get Machado's Miss Universe look down, all you need is a seafoam evening gown ($42), a massive tiara ($30), and a set of chandelier earrings ($43). To make sure everyone knows exactly who you are, don't forget your Miss Universe sash ($17). Feel free to give any Donald Trumps you see walking around the bird.

5Megyn Kelly

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Who would've thought that out of all of this hullaballoo, Megyn Kelly would be climbing up the ladder of women you'd praise as a feminist hero? To channel your inner Megyn Kelly, start out with one of her classic colors, navy. Don a navy dress ($34) in a style that's a little bit sassy, but not too sassy, and pair with a matching navy heels ($60). Just add a short blonde wig ($46). Because the woman's on a microphone all night long, toss a microphone headset ($9) into the costume and you're ready to fend off Newt Gingrich's unwanted advances until the inauguration. Interview everyone you come across, and be undaunted in the face of blatant sexism, and you're ready to spend your night as Ms. Kelly.

6Rosie the Riveter

Library of Congress

Truly a nasty woman's role model through the ages, spice up your traditional Rosie the Riveter to strike fear into the hearts of misogynists everywhere you turn. Start with a pair of black pants ($28), some white converse sneakers ($46), and a chambray shirt ($50) to roll up the sleeves on. But instead of wearing just the chambray, don a "Nasty Woman" t-shirt ($20) underneath, to drive home the fact that yeah, you've been paying attention to this election, even if your costume is a vintage throwback. Wear some bold red lipstick ($17) and tie your hair up with this classic red polka dot hairband ($9) and your modern take on Rosie will have nasty women and bad hombres swooning all night long. Just flex, and be prepared to sing "Nasty" by Janet Jackson throughout the night.

7Michelle Obama

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Last, but certainly not least, the picture of beauty, grace, and one of the nastiest women of all, the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama.

Because Michelle's always been a fan of J. Crew, take this red pleated ponte dress ($128) for a spin, with a pair of whimsical cobalt heels ($40), and this Love Trumps Hate pin ($5). If you so choose, prepare a 30-minute heart-wrenching and magical speech to bestow upon your fellow Halloween party constituents, and deliver it with style and grace. Also make lighthearted jokes about your husband all night long, and drop in conversation every once in a while how you just can't believe how grown up your girls are.