7 Lipstick Hacks Even The Lazy Beauty Girl Can Get Behind

All it takes is one time of leaving the house with smudged lipstick to make you feel completely out of step with the world of fashion and beauty. But when you're busy answering a series of emails while simultaneously carrying a child and cup of much-needed coffee, you can't be bothered to fix the lipstick bleed right away. That's why you need to enlists a few easy and quick lipstick hacks. After all, you want to keep yours lipstick looking fresh and on trend without wasting time or trying to be super skillful.

It you want to try out lip color hacks but feel overwhelmed because you’re not a professional makeup artist, you’re not alone. Do you want to experiment with looks like colorful ombre lips without feeling intimidated or master the nostalgic '90s shade of lip color without worrying about bleeding? Well don’t give up hope just yet. You can still be a cosmetics trendsetter without spending oodles of money or needing to be a makeup artist. Just check out these surprisingly simple lipstick hacks even a makeup rookie can nail to keep your beauty game on point.


Put An End To Smeared Color

Just when you think you created a beautiful bold lip, you notice the color has bled outside your lips. To avoid the smear, Celebrity makeup artist Toby Fleischman told Glamour that women should use a primer, which can keep lipstick in place.


Try Your Hand At Ombre

Ombre is everywhere you look, from hair to nails and now lips. And it's not that tough to recreate. Renowned makeup artist Ayami Nishimura showed Allure how to create ombre lips with products you already have.


Show Your Metallic Side

Maybe it's because the new Star Wars is coming out, but metallic lips are having their moment. Don't want to spend money on a new product that will only be used a few times, but you still want to transform your look? Beauty researcher Lauren Hubbard showed  Allure how to get metallic lips by using eyeliner and pigment powder. It's genius! 


Make Your Own Matte

Matte lips are a hot trend, but you may not want to spend the money to try it out. To test the look for less, M.A.C. Senior Artist Keri Blair shared her DIY matte lipstick with Total Beauty.


Get The Most Out Of One Color

Chances are you probably have a trusty shade of red somewhere in your cosmetics bag. But don't limit yourself to the tube's hue. Refinery29 beauty director Cat Quinn shares a few tricks to getting several shades from one color.


Fight Feathering For Good

Peacocks may want to let their color feather out, but you don't want your lipstick color to do the same. Nars Lead Makeup Stylist Jenny Smith told Total Beauty that using a bit of lip balm will help prevent the color from feathering out.


Mend Your Broken Lipstick

Has your favorite lipstick has broken, crumbled, or gotten too low to salvage? Don't worry — there's hope. Elle's Associate Editor Victoria Dawson Hoff shared her hack for saving broken lipstick. All you need is a little shea butter and, voilà, you have your shade back.

Images: blanculamarkova0/Pixababy; Giphy (6); Wifflegif