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7 Little Things To Do During Missionary To Make It Better

Be it a late night booty call or a romp with your regular partner, there's one thing that's a mainstay in the bedroom: the missionary position. But with so many sex moves to choose from, why do so many couples keep coming back to the one with the "boring" reputation? Aside from requiring little brain power or acrobatic skills, this position holds many possibilities since there are some little things to do during missionary to make it better. Because sometimes a classic just needs a few small upgrades. And by having some new tricks up your sleeve, you can experiment with missionary all week and never get bored.

You don't need go to any sexual extremes to get the most out of this old reliable position, something as simple as your angles or a little squeeze can go a long way in the bedroom. The problem most people run into with this position, is that too much missionary can start to get old. But that doesn't mean you should nix it all together. Breath new life into this oldie but goodie by trying out one (or all) of these seven ideas for taking missionary to the next level of awesome.



For more stimulation, all you need to do is squeeze. Women's Health magazine suggested squeezing your legs together tight for more intense stimulation on your clitoris.


Grab A Helper

Mix things up to rev up your orgasm. As Shape magazine pointed out, using sex toys can add excitement (and pleasure) to any position. With so many to choose from, you'll have fun finding what works best for you.


Call In The CAT

Missionary gets a bad rep for leaving women high and dry when it comes to orgasms. But according to Psychology Today, tweaking missionary helps women orgasm more frequently. It's called the coital alignment technique (CAT) and requires the man to lean his chest toward one of the women's shoulders for dirst stimulation.


Lift One Leg Up

Readers of Glamour magazine chimed in when asked how to make missionary more interesting. One tip that sounded worth while: putting one leg over your partner's shoulder while leaving the other leg down.


Try The Figure 8

This variation of man-on-top requires very specific movement. According to Cosmopolitan magazine, this position gives tons of stimulation to the women when they man moves in a figure eight motion.


Prop It Up

To get the perfect angle, use a prop. You can buy an inflatable position wedge, or find a few pillows around the house to place under your hips and prop them up.


Make Out

Increase the heat with a make out sesh while in missionary. According to Marie Clair, a hot kiss can escalate all the good feelings in your lady parts. So twisting tongues with your partner is a sure fire way to ramp up the lovin'.