7 Most Common Mistakes To Avoid When Caring For Naturally Straight Hair

by Britni de la Cretaz

Hair woes — everyone has  ‘em. Curly or straight, natural or relaxed, long or short, each one comes with its own set of challenges and unique characteristics. Yes, even straight hair has its quirks. There seems to be this notion that straight hair is “easier” to deal with, which often means that women with straight tresses never go through the trouble of learning how to care for it. As an unfortunate results, those women end up making straight hair mistakes because they didn’t know to avoid them in the first place!

Straight hair is not a monolith, of course. For some it’s thin, and for others it’s thick. Some have oily locks, and others have dry ones. The one thing that all straight hair does have in common is its texture, and that texture creates some unique difficulties when it comes to the proper way to care for it. While they may pale in comparison to the challenges of your curly-haired sisters, never let anyone tell you that your straight-hair struggle isn’t real. The struggle is real, my friend.

You already have a lifetime of experience taking care of your straight locks, and everything you know is invaluable. But here are some things to add to your haircare regimen to help your straight hair look (and be) as healthy as possible.


You’re Using The Wrong Products

Heavy products may be great for curly hair, but, as NYC hairstylist Adam Maclay told Bustle, they can weigh down straighter, finer hair. Maclay advises straight-haired women to look for a lighter product to keep your tresses from looking flat or greasy. And, to avoid dryness, he suggests steering clear of products with alcohol in them.

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You Put It In A Ponytail Too Often

Throwing your hair into a ponytail especially when it’s still wet – can cause major strand breakages. But that doesn’t mean you have to be done with this easy up do. Stylecaster has plenty of tips on how to rock a ponytail without ruining your hair.

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You Brush Your Hair From Root To Tip

Straight hair needs to be handled with care, particularly when it’s wet. Celebrity hairstylist Kevin Mancuso explained to Huffington Post that brushing or combing your hair from the root first and can actually make tangles worse and lead to breakage as you try to tear through the knots. To avoid damage, Mancuso recommended combing your hair tip to root with a paddle brush or wide tooth comb.

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You’re Using Too Much Product

Since straight hair lies closer to your head, it’s more likely to look heavy and oily if you add too much product. Remember the adage that “less is more.” You can always add more later if you need it.


You’re Afraid To Try Bangs

Straight hair is perfect for bangs. You don’t have to go through the process of styling them every morning when your hair already lays flat on your forehead. If you’ve never given bangs a shot, why not switch it up? You can always grow them out if you hate them.


You Wrap Your Hair In A Towel On Top Of Your Head After A Shower

The towel turban, while timeless, can be quite damaging to your locks. Instead, Mancuso suggesting “squeezing the hair with a towel rather than rubbing and matting hair into a tangled mess.” And, as always, be gentle to avoid any additional knots or breaks.


You Have Unrealistic Expectations About What Your Hair Can Do

Many women with straight hair spend our lives dreaming of a head full of curls. And while there are ways for straight-haired ladies to achieve some curl, the truth is that your hair does what it does. Understanding what your hair will (and won’t) do is the key to loving it and learning how to style it. Embrace what you’ve got!

Images: Gratisography/Pexels; Giphy (7)