7 Myths About Big Boobs That Too Many People Believe

So many people want what they can't have and boob size, frankly, is no different. Women often grow up being indirectly told through books, movies, and other forms of media, that bigger boobs are better boobs. They're more attractive, they're more feminine (if that's something you're striving for), they're just all around what you should want to have. The problem with that, of course, is that women don't get to pick the size of their natural breasts. There are also a lot of myths about having big boobs that too many people believe.

When it comes to boob fact and fiction, there's a lot to keep in mind. You might think you know it all if they've been a part of your body for years, but you may not know as much as you think, particularly about boobs that are different than yours. If you wistfully, jealously pined for the bigger boobs that all of your friends had growing up or pitied your friends who had big boobs because of the myths you heard, you might want to know the truth. Ultimately, no one's perfect and everyone can find flaws within their own set of circumstances. Bigger (or smaller) boobs may not be all that they're cracked up to be.


Big Boobs Automatically Cause Back Pain

They absolutely can cause back pain, but just because you have bigger boobs doesn't necessarily mean you'll end up with nagging back pain at the end of each day. According to The Breast Chronicles, a webzine about breasts, not all women with large breasts experience back pain because of the size of their breasts. It's possible that any pain experienced could also potentially be caused by a bra that doesn't fit well, the things you had to carry around that day, and other factors.


Bra Shopping Is A Non-Issue

Bra shopping can be problematic for women with bigger boobs. According to an essay published on The Tab, if you need the support, bra shopping becomes more of a necessity than other kinds of shopping. Additionally, depending on your exact measurements, you might have difficulty finding your size at all, which means, if you can find it, you'll likely have fewer choices than smaller-chested women.


Women With Big Boobs Can't Lay On Their Stomach

Some women with big boobs can't lay on their stomachs because it's uncomfortable when they do so, however, for some larger-chested women, it's not so much that they can't, but more that they have to do so with adjustments, as noted by the aforementioned article from The Breast Chronicles. Moving your boobs out of the way to sleep or sunbathe can get old, but it's doable for some.


Your Cleavage Will Automatically Be Better

There's more to cleavage than just how big your breasts are. Who knew? In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Dr. Laurie A. Casas, a plastic surgeon and associate professor of surgery at Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine, said that the shape of your breasts, where they're located on your chest, and your skeletal anatomy can all influence cleavage. That means that two women with the same cup size might have very different-looking cleavage.


It's Great To Be Able To Fill Out A Top Or Dress

Small-chested women often envy this, but, in reality, large breasts can limit the styles you can wear and affect how clothing fits you. According to the aforementioned article from The Tab, big boobs can really make shopping for clothing — and following trends — complicated.


Women Who Have Big Boobs Are Bigger In General

While some women with bigger breasts are bigger in general, not all are, which can, in some cases, further exacerbate the clothing issues. Because your breast size is, at least partially, influenced by genetics, noted the previously mentioned article from Cosmopolitan, it's possible that you could have large breasts and be quite thin.


Everyone Who Has Big Boobs Loves Them

Just like how some women with smaller boobs are unhappy with their breast size, some women with bigger boobs wish theirs were smaller as well. According to an essay posted on The Tab, whenever big boobs get in the way, you just might wish they weren't as big as they are.