7 Nail Art Ideas For Broncos Fans That Go Perfect With Your Super Bowl Outfit

If you're a Denver Bronco fan, you're ready to rock your orange and blue for Super Bowl 50. You have the perfect outfit, shoes, and accessories chosen to wear while cheering on your team, but have you considered what to do with your nails? While anyone can do just plain old orange and blue polish, get into the Super Bowl spirit and be inspired by nail art ideas for Bronco fans that are far from basic.

When it comes to nail styles, there is something for every personality — and a design to go with every outfit. If you're wearing something that's a little over the top, opt for a more simple design on your nail to keep things balanced. Or take your whole look to the next level of fandom, with an outrageous outfit and extremely detailed nails. The best thing about adding some fun bling or graphics to your fingernails, is that you can get creative and customize according to your taste. And what better time to go all out on your nails than when your favorite team is playing in the Super Bowl?

Leave the face and body paint to the other fans, and doll up your fingers for this Sunday's big game. For great ideas on cute Bronco's inspired nails, start here.


Simple Geometry

These nails are simple and fun at the same time. Using a geometric pattern of orange and blue, this pattern will compliment whatever you choose to wear for the big game.


Animal Print Flare

A touch of animal print and a little bling make these nails ready for a big party. The extra sparkle in the solid colors helps to make every nail look special.


Player Shout Out

These fun nails give a shout out to some fave players on the Broncos. (Peyton Manning, #18 and Demaryius Thomas, #88.) The fun pattern and logo on alternating nails adds playful feel to this look.


Mascot Statement Nail

Make a statement with one nail that shows off the team logo or mascot. This look is clean and sleek and can easily go with something more dressy as well as a casual look.


Subtle Pattern

A subtle pattern is all you need to keep your Super Bowl nails sassy and classy. The statement nail has just the right amount of sparkle, but doesn't upstage the team colors.


Spirit & Sparkle

The choice to make one hand have orange nails, and the other blue, is a unique change to the ordinary alternating colors on both hands. And two statement nails gives each hand a subtle pop.



For the ultimate fan, these nails have everything: player jerseys, team name, football, and helmets. These intricate nails show a lot of spirit and have all the good luck charm the Broncos need to win the Super Bowl.