7 Natural Morning Sickness Remedies To Help You Survive The Next 9 Months

Discovering you’re pregnant can be an exciting time. You're sharing the news with those you love and imagining the baby you’ll meet in nine months. Then along comes morning sickness, like Debbie Downer ruining the best party you've ever attended. An activity as regular as breakfast can feel like a torture when you are suffering from morning sickness. With all the products on the market claiming to relieve pregnancy-related nausea symptoms, a mom-to-be can get overwhelmed with choices. If you have decided to take a natural approach to treating morning sickness, then those options start to whittle down to a more manageable list.

Many pregnant women are affected by nausea and vomiting in the morning, hence the term morning sickness. But as many expectant mothers will tell you, those unpleasant symptoms can strike at any time — morning, noon, and night — and even wipe you out for days on end. Just as varied as the timing are the triggers that can cause pregnant women to feel nauseous. So what makes one woman's stomach spin, may be completely different from her other pregnant friends.

Luckily there are certain homeopathic morning sickness remedies that work best depending on the cause of your morning sickness. If you are looking for a chemical-free approach, consider one these seven natural remedies for morning sickness to help you survive the next nine months.



There are many incarnations of ginger, and this tangy root has been a morning sickness staple for years. According to Medical News Today, many products containing ginger can help to sooth your nausea. If your stomach won't stop turning, try sucking on some ginger candies, sipping on singer ale or tea, or even munch on some ginger cookies.


Nux Vomica

Pregnancy related nausea can strike any time of the day, but if your sickness actually does come on strong in the morning, there is a hopeful remedy. According to Natural News, taking nux vomica helps women whose nausea is worse in the morning. This is also a good option for those who also experience those stomach flip-flops after eating.



Much like ginger, peppermint comes in many forms and can work wonders on morning sickness. On his website, holistic physician Andrew Weil suggests consuming up to three cups of peppermint tea a day to ease nausea related to pregnancy, but warns that too much may cause an increase in heartburn. If tea is not your thing, another suggestion is to take a capsule containing peppermint oil.


Vitamin B-6

Easing morning sickness symptoms may be as easy as taking your vitamins. In fact, the American Pregnancy Association recommends taking 50 mg of vitamin B-6 a day to help control nausea. This is an easy, accessible choice for those suffering from morning sickness.



When you're morning sickness turns into all day sickness, it can feel like you may never have relief. But according to the Homeopathy Center, Ipecacuanha can curb nausea that persists after vomiting. This is good news for those who are suffer from unrelenting symptoms of nausea.



If you've already grabbed some vitamin B, another easy supplement to toss in your basket at the pharmacy is zinc. According to Mind Body Green, taking 25 mg of zinc can curb your morning sickness.


Colchicum and Sepia

If your nausea is brought on or made worse by smelling, preparing, or eating food, try taking the homeopathic remedies colchicum and sepia. According to the National Center for Homeopathy, these preparations can help ease pregnancy-related nauseas and vomiting related to food.

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