7 New & Surprising Activities To Try For Couples Who Have Done It All

If you and your partner are a fairly adventurous couple or you've just been together for a long time and have done a lot of things together, you might find that it's sometimes difficult to come up with new, fun, and interesting things for you to do together. Plus, if you're anything like me, as soon as you're put on the spot to come up with a great date idea, restaurant recommendation, or activity to try, your mind goes blank. Never fear, these new and surprising activities to try for couples who have done it all are good ideas for just about anyone. There are things for those who are more adventurous and also those who, like me, tend to be a little more of a scaredy cat, but still like to to switch things up from time to time. Old standbys like dinner and a movie, hanging at a bar, or spending a night in can get old after awhile, after all.

Trying new things isn't just good for your personal growth and development, it's also good for your relationship, as the New York Times reported. And while you don't have to constantly be doing the most exciting things together, it's nice to break out of your routine every once and again. Even if you think you've done it all, there are some fun activities that you may not have tried just yet, but should.


Go Explore Somewhere New

Exploring somewhere new is almost never a bad idea. In an interview with Redbook, Sari Cooper, a certified sex therapist, said that going somewhere brand-new that you've never been and normally wouldn't visit, like a certain museum, for example, can help you relate to each other like you did when you were first dating. Refresh your relationship and do something fun, all at once.


Try All The Local Coffee Shops Around

If you live in an area with lots of local coffee shops, consider making a day of it and hitting as many as you can. Greatist suggested planning a route and trying each shop's most popular offering. Plus, there might actually be health benefits to drinking coffee, though there are also possible risks, as Harvard Health Blog noted. Consider mixing it up with popular non-coffee menu offerings if you're worried about it. Channel your inner Gilmore girl and stick to coffee or try something new that you wouldn't normally order.


Commit To Riding Every Ride At An Amusement Park

If you and your partner are people who love a good rollercoaster ride, choosing an amusement park, spending the day, and riding as many rollercoasters as you can might be another fun and different thing to do together. Additionally, research has found connections between a bit of fear or adrenaline and attraction. Those studies haven't always found (or even looked at) a connection between adrenaline and attraction for already-established romantic couples, but if it's something you both enjoy anyway, spending a day like this couldn't hurt.


Take The Day Off Work Together & Do Something Fun

People are busy, so taking the day off together and doing something fun might not be something that you've done in a long time (if ever). In an interview for that same Redbook article, Shirani Pathak, a licensed psychotherapist, said that this, too, can sort of refresh your connection, making it less about the everyday and more about something new, different, and fun.


Drive (Or Take Public Transportation) Without A Destination & Figure It Out As You Go

If you don't have a car or don't feel good about driving around all day, this is totally doable using public transportation as well. Make plans to not make plans and set off with no clear destination in mind. Decide to spontaneously get off the train, take a random highway exit, or turn down a street you've never walked down before. Duck into new shops or restaurants and just have fun spending time and exploring together.


Try A Ballroom Dancing Class

Dancing is a great idea for so many reasons and it's not just something that you learn more about in preparation for a wedding. First, ballroom dancing can be fun and super romantic when it's something you do together, but studies have also shown that dancing can have major health benefits. Plus it's a fun skill to pull out at fancy parties or, really, whenever you get the chance.


Take An Out-Of-Your-Comfort-Zone DIY Class

Woman's Day reported that Home Depot offers free courses at many stores and noted that that would be something fun for couples to do together. If you're not very handy or just want to learn something completely new and have a little fun together, a home repair or DIY workshop with experts leading the way could be a great activity for you and one you may not have thought of before. Regardless of where you take the class, you're sure to have a good time or, at least, end up with a good story once all is said and done.

Changing things up and trying something new with your partner can not only be fun, but can also help you get to know them in a different way. Even if you think you've already done it all, there are plenty additional activities that you can try together.

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