7 New Year's Eve "Dates" That Are Way Better Than An Actual Date

New Year's Eve is one of those holidays that can feel like more trouble than it's worth. There's a lot of pressure surrounding the last day of the year — to find the perfect party, a dazzling dress and, most of all, someone to smooch. Securing a New Year's Eve date can be totally stressful if you're not already seeing someone special.If you're not in a relationship, the prospect of scrounging to find a date at the last minute can sound pretty unappealing. So what's the solution? Don't do it.

You don't have to have a date or someone to kiss when the clock strikes 12 to have a successful New Year's Eve. In fact, opting out of the stress of finding a plus-one for the night may just lead to a much happier celebration. If you're not going with someone you're already dating, chances are he or she won't live up to your NYE fantasies. Maybe they'll get too drunk, maybe they'll be a bad kisser, or maybe you guys just won't have any chemistry. Then, you spent your whole holiday with someone lousy, when you could have spent it with someone else who — even though they weren't your date — would have made for a much better evening.

New Year's Eve is about reflecting on the previous year and looking forward to the year to come. Wouldn't you rather spend the night with someone who was a part of your life in 2015 and will most likely be in your life in 2016 instead of someone random just because they happen to be a date? If you don't have a plus-one you're really looking forward to ringing in the new year with, consider spending the holiday with these other, more meaningful people that you truly love.


Your BFF

Friends before dates any day of the week, right? If you celebrate the new year with your bestie, you can spend the night in your PJs watching your favorite chick flicks. Way better than traipsing around in stilettos and getting drinks spilled on you by drunk bros.


Your Kids

Who's a better "date" for the holiday than your kids? They're the ones you love most, and they're excited about spending the night with you. Even if they can't make it all the way to midnight, have a faux countdown earlier in the night so they can enjoy the celebration and you can go to sleep before midnight.


Your Mom

And just like you want to be with your kids, your mom probably wants to be with her kid — a.k.a., you. Take some family time this holiday and countdown to midnight with your biggest fan, and the one you owe it all to, your mama.


Your Dog

Who loves you more than your dog? Plus, you're sure to get tons of kisses come midnight. Sure they may be a little slobbery, but they're totally sweet.


Your Sibling

You've spent a lot of New Years' with your siblings, so why buck tradition? Family are the people who have been in your life longest, and most likely to be in your life as you grow older. Start the new year celebrating with them, laughing at all the crazy things you've been through and looking forward to all the good times yet to come.


Your Grandparents (Or Any Elderly Relative)

There's so much to learn from older generations. Although your grandparents might not be able to stay up to watch the ball drop, you can go visit during the afternoon. You'll be able to learn a lot from talking with them — ask them about New Year's Eve's of yore and their most memorable years. You'll have a sweet, enlightening day, and they'll be so grateful that you wanted to spend the holiday with them.



Take the New Year for yourself this year — snuggle up with a good book or binge watch Netflix, have a glass of your favorite wine, and get a good night's rest. There's a good reason to celebrate new year solo: your relationship with yourself is the most important one you'll have — in 2016 and every year after that.

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