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7 New Year's Resolutions To Accomplish In A Week

Every year, I set a whole long list of New Year's resolutions and every year, when I look back over that list in March (or February, who am I kidding?), I see that I've abandoned all — or at least a really good number — of them without ever really making any headway on any of them. Sound familiar? So, honestly, New Year's resolutions that you can accomplish in a week sounds really good to me. A list that I can complete while I still have all that "new year, new me" motivation going for me? Sounds too good to be true, but it's really not.

New Year's resolutions don't all have to be big, sweeping declarations that will ultimately completely change your life as you know it. Sometimes even small, incremental changes can make a big impact. A 2002 study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology found that 71 percent of people who make New Year's resolutions are able to stick with them for two weeks. But by the six month mark, that number fell to less than half. Also, according for Forbes, it's easier to tackle short-term goals that are designed to only last a week or two, and you just may find those changes end up becoming permanent. Try these eight suggestions to help you get started, and actually accomplish this year's New Year's resolutions for once.


Go Greener

It really isn't that hard to help Mother Nature. Bring a reusable water bottle to work instead of daily disposables. Use reusable shopping bags. And, oddly enough, swap out your only-can-use-a-few-times plastic disposable razor with one that only requires you to change the blade.


Save Money

According to Business Insider, young professionals can save, on average, $45 a week if you shun takeout and cook at home. To make it even easier, prep meals (or parts of meals) ahead of time. Cook once, eat many times.


Catch Up With Friends And Family

Decide that you'll check in with a friend or family member (or more than one) the first week of the New Year. Call them, meet them for lunch, or write them a letter. Health noted that even reaching out on social media can spark further conversation.


Get Informed

Subscribing to a newspaper or news-based magazine only takes a minute. Set aside some time on your calendar to browse news on reputable websites. Added bonus: conversations about interesting stories and current events are more exciting than "gee, it's cold outside."


Pick A Cause To Support

You know that spare change that you swept into a drawer a few months back? Take your change to the bank, select a cause that's close to your heart, and write them a check.


Organize Your Email Inbox

My e-mail inbox is notoriously overflowing at nearly all times. Filing important emails where you're likely to be able to find them when you need them, reading unread emails that you haven't gotten around to, and deleting what you don't need will ensure that you start the New Year right.


Try Something New

Even if you end up disliking what you choose and only do it once, at least you tried. You never know, that hot yoga class you were dreading may just end up being your new favorite weekly routine.