7 Normal Things That Happen During Pregnancy Sex

If there's one thing you learn about your body when you're pregnant, it's that all bets are off. All the things your best friend experienced when she was expecting are the opposite of what you're going through. In fact, every aspect of pregnancy can greatly vary from one mama-to-be to the next. Some ladies want nothing to do with getting busy and others feel the need for action on the reg. But among all the differences and inconsistencies, there are normal things that happen during pregnancy sex that many women who are sexually active during this time experience.

Having a baby on board alters the way you're used to doing things — even getting it on. Now that you're growing a little one, the activities you participate in and the choices you make are influenced by the baby you have on the way. In fact, you may not even need to be awake for this to happen. As Women's Health magazine reported, many women experience intense orgasms in their sleep at some point in their pregnancy.

Although these 40 weeks can be full of unexpected night Os and peeing more times in one day than you thought possible, not all odd occurrences should throw you off. Be prepared for some out of the ordinary situations by keeping these seven completely normal pregnancy sex happenings in mind.


You Worry About The Baby

When you're sharing your body with your baby, you may wonder if and how the baby could be affected by certain things, such as sex. But as Babble reported, no harm comes to your baby from having sex while pregnant. The womb is protected since the mucus plug blocks any infection from entering and you're baby doesn't have the reference to know what's going on outside your belly.


Your Orgasm Changes

Your orgasms may come out of the gate swinging early in your pregnancy — "breasts are bigger and nipples are more sensitive, there's greater energizing blood flow to your pelvic area, and you're likely to have more natural lubrication," as Parents magazine explained. However, don't be surprised if things change as your pregnancy progresses. It's possible that around the third trimester, strong orgasms will start to taper off and not feel as intense as they did earlier in your pregnancy, according to Fit Pregnancy magazine. This type of change is normal.


You Bleed A Little

The situation is pretty sensitive down in your lady parts when you're expecting, so seeing small amounts of blood after sex is possible. As Dr. Jacques Moritz, director of the Endoscopy Section and Division of Gynecology at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center, explained to The Bump, due to the soft and sensitive nature of the cervix during pregnancy, even a little stimulation can cause it to bleed some. No need to panic unless the bleeding won't stop or comes on in large quantities. If that's the case, you need to call your doctor or midwife as soon as possible.


You Feel Better

You may feel uncomfortable during your pregnancy due to the changes your body is experiencing. But good news: sex can help. According to What To Expect, orgasm triggers oxytocin, which reduces pain in the body. So right at the end of your romp, you may notice a nice relaxing sensation that stays with you for a while after.


Breasts May Be Off Limits

Pregnancy sex takes some trial and error, so good communication is key. While you're expecting, boobs may be off limit for touching while getting it on. As the American Pregnancy Association pointed out, breasts may become sore or tender when pregnant, making it unpleasant to be touched.


Your Belly Tightens Up

Right after sex, you may notice your baby bump feels tighter than usual. That's because your uterus contracts after pregnancy sex as a result of oxytocin and prostaglandins, as Healthline explained. Don't be alarmed if you feel this sensation, the contractions should taper off within a few minutes.


Your Breasts Might Leak

As your body prepares for your baby to arrive, your supply of breast milk is building up. Sometimes, a little fluid can leak from the breasts during pregnancy sex if there has been nipple stimulation, according to The Huffington Post.