7 Normal Things You Can Use As Sex Toys


Feeling in the mood, but too broke or lazy to make it to a sex shop? No problem. There are plenty of every day items you can use as sex toys, on your own or with a partner. Of course, going into the DIY Sex Toy area requires some caution. According to Scarlateen, you should avoid anything with sharp edges. Also, to be super hygienic, you should cover your D.I.Y. sex toy with a condom.

Other than that, the world is your oyster. But before you set out to make a sex toy out of normal household things, it shouldn't be because you're too embarrassed to check out a sex shop. According to Huffington Post, 44 percent of women between frequent naughty emporiums. But what about the other half of women? If you're too shy to shop for dildos and the like, might I suggest this handy thing called the Internet. You can shop for all kinds of fun gizmos from your bedroom. But something you might want to consider is why you might be embarrassed about going sex toy shopping. Do you think that only a partner is "supposed" to bring you to orgasm? Are you afraid people might think you're a perv? Toss those notions STAT. Sex toys are for everyone! And in the meantime, try out this D.I.Y. project where you turn normal things into objects of pleasure.

1Electric Toothbrush


This will give you more than pearly whites. Just, um, make sure to use your own. And use the non-bristled side. You're going for the vibrations.

2Electric Razor


Same deal as the electric toothbrush. But, please, ladies, make sure to remove the sharp attachment. You can cover the other end with a lubed up condom and get a good buzz on.

3Back Massagers


This one time, I was really stressed out in an airport when my flight was delayed. Got to love an airport that sells spa items! I joined the Mile High Club. . . on my own.

4Ice Cube


In a recent Thought Catalog article, 36 women describe what feeling aroused is like. Among the responses were "wet," "tingly," and the feeling of "pressure." Ice cube anyone?

5A Pen


A pen is a sexy choice for someone who wants to write some naughty stories down and then save for later. Read it and weep.

6The Dryer


Remember when Betty Draper gets an orgasm from sitting on top the dryer in Mad Men. Yeah, that was hot.

7A Lollypop


The thought of putting anything sugary inside me screams yeast infection, but the shape of a lolly is about right, and if you have a partner who likes to lick, well, this could take dessert to a whole new level. Justin Bieber knows what's up.

Now go on and get crafty. You can thank me later.