7 Nursing Dresses That are Functional and Fashion-Forward, Because Breastfeeding Doesn’t Mean Sacrificing Your LBD


Breastfeeding can feel pretty unglamorous at times. While there are plenty of shirts and tank tops out there that make nursing easy, breastfeeding-friendly dresses aren’t as easy to find as you would hope, when you need easy access to “the goods”. And god forbid you even think about trying to be fashionable while you’re breastfeeding, because cute dresses and nursing can never go hand in hand. (Insert sarcastic emoji here…)

But in reality, it can really seems that way to the breastfeeding mom. Trust me, I am one. As a mom who has breastfed two babies, I know the depressing disconnect that often exists between fashion and nursing all too well. I, like many moms out there, love wearing dresses and feeling like I put energy into my appearance. So naturally, I will jump on any breastfeeding-friendly dress that is practical and fashionable. While it can sometimes feel like nursing will take a major toll on your fashion choices, in fact, the opposite can be true. I did the dirty work for you and rounded up seven of my favorite nursing-friendly dresses that would not only be the perfect addition to your closet, but are sure to make you look and feel your best.

1Skater Mom


This ASOS midi skater dress ($48.95) is as classy as it is fun and nursing friendly. It features a double layer, ensuring convenience while breastfeeding and that you’ll look good while doing it.

2Floral For Days

Pink Blush Maternity

This gorgeous floral maternity dress ($42) from Pink Blush Maternity is the perfect all-seasons piece, making it my go-to pick for nursing. It has a draped v-neckline that allows for easy access and discreet nursing.

3Mom’s New LBD


Wrap dresses are perfect for nursing– they’re convenient and flattering for every body type. This little black number ($149) from Nordstrom can easily be dressed up or worn casually.

4Button Up Perfection


Here’s a breastfeeding pro-tip: button-up’s are the way to go. They’re comfy, oh-so-trendy, and allow easy access. Gap’s denim shirt dress ($52) would be perfect paired with leggings and ankle boots.

5Discreetly Draped

Figure 8 Maternity

This crochet nursing dress ($89) from Figure 8 Maternity drapes across the front, allowing you to simply pull it back and nurse your baby. This would be the perfect dress for special occasions or for when you‘re just feeling a little fancy.

6Maxi Magic


Nothing says, “I didn’t wake up like this” like a maxi dress. This tribal patterned maxi ($35) from Target allows for both comfort and convenience when nursing, and all without sacrificing an ounce of style (or breast milk.)

7Pleated Popover


You’ll look fabulous in this coral nursing dress ($70) from Macy’s. Great for formal occasions, the draped popover on top allows for easy access when it’s time to breastfeed.