The Best Nursing Sports Bras For Active Moms

After nearly nine months of searching for maternity clothes that make you feel semi-human and attractive, you finally welcome your baby and, subsequently, your postpartum, breastfeeding body. Just when you thought your quest for "special clothes" was coming to an end, you're forced to embark into the strange world of breastfeeding clothes. Finding breastfeeding-friendly clothes that both fit your new body and allow you to feed your baby without actually taking your clothes off is easier said than done. For many moms, finding nursing sports bras that allow you to both workout comfortably and feed your baby are few and far between.

Luckily, comfortable nursing sports bras do exist, although they are few and far between, and if you plan to exercise at all during your time breastfeeding, investing in one or two will make your life much easier. I remember trying to breastfeed in "conventional" non-nursing sports bras and being in pain from the pressure and having no simple way to nurse my baby other than fully removing the bra (not usually ideal, depending on where you're working out.)

These bras, unlike most sports bras, are made with nursing moms in mind. Whether you need a fully supportive bra or just something comfortable and easily accessible, you'll find what you're looking for in the bras below.


The Bra Designed By Breastfeeding Experts

The La Leche League women's sports bra ($29) combines the support of a typical sports bra with convenience and practicality from La Leche League International.


The Bra For Your Yoga Sessions

If you're looking for a bra with minimal padding and just the right amount of support, the Vitality Grey nursing yoga bra ($46) from Hot Milk Lingerie will be your new go-to.


The Medium Support Bra For All Sizes

Finding a plus-size sports bra can be tricky, especially if you're looking for one that isn't overly restrictive and too supportive. This plus size wireless nursing sports bra ($22) from the Motherhood is the perfect bra for when you don't need the support of an underwire but still need some extra support for nursing.


The Bra For High Impact Support

With mesh panels for breathability and thicker straps to disperse pressure, the Cake Lingerie High-Impact Maternity Nursing Orange Zest sports bra ($80) is a worthwhile investment if you need some added support for workouts.


The Recycled Bra

Made out of recycled materials, the Fast Food soft sports bra ($69) from Boob Designs is the perfect option for moms looking for a sports bra they can feel good about buying.


The Best Of Both Worlds

The Padded Active bra ($37) from Majamas is made in the United States, with removable pads for more or less support, making this bra perfect for a work out or for lounging.


The Bra For Extra Support

When you need a bit more support for higher intensity workouts (or just for the comfort of added security,) the sports clip down nursing bra ($17) from from the Motherhood will be your new go-to.