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These TV Teachers Will Make You Want To Go Back To Class

School might be on your mind as you prepare to send your kids back to the classroom come September. Maybe it has you thinking of your own favorite class again, or the teacher who opened to your eyes to new ideas. Teachers have a profound impact on the children who pass through their classrooms, but that's not limited to real life. Teachers from television can inspire as well, which is a point proven by 7 of the best TV teachers. Revisit each character (and the many lessons they imparted) just in time for your children to head back to school.

There have been plenty of terrible teachers on TV. I would not want a lecture from Walter White or a serenade from Mr. Schuester, no matter how angelic the vocals. I idolize Viola Davis as much as the next, but Annalise Keating's lessons on evading murder charges are not exactly the most ethically sound. Compelling and complicated teachers abound on TV, but the impression they leave on their students isn't always the most positive. Luckily they have just as many well-meaning counterparts who relish the job they've taken on. The teachers on this list are interesting characters, but they're also the kind of people you'd be happy to see standing at the front of the class.

Here are 7 TV teachers who range from pretty great all the way to the best of the best.

Jessica Day (New Girl)

Jessica being a teacher didn't always take center stage on New Girl, but she was dedicated to doing her job well and with creativity. With all the singing and crafting Jess was prone to, her classroom would be a lot of fun.

Lydia Grant (Fame)

Ms. Grant was a tough but inspiring teacher who pushed her students to be the best that they could be. Fun fact: Debbie Allen wasn't just the star of the show, but also the director and choreographer, for which she won two Emmy Awards.

Mr. Simmons (Hey Arnold!)

Though Mr. Simmons had a rocky start on Hey Arnold!, his fourth grade class soon realized just what a thoughtful and encouraging teacher he could be. For the rest of the series, Mr. Simmons continued to be a kindhearted (sometimes trampled over) presence at P.S. 118 who just wanted his students to thrive.

Miss Stacy (Anne With An E)


"Miss Stacy is my new ideal!" Anne announces rapturously upon meeting her new teacher in Season 2 of Anne with an E. And it's hard to disagree with her. Miss Stacy is the kind of teacher who thinks outside the box to get her students excited about learning. Plus she's got a motorbike, which is pretty cool.

Mr. Turner (Boy Meets World)

Though Mr. Turner vanished into the ether never to be seen again (until Girl Meets World), he made a big impression while he was on Boy Meets World. The dreamy English-teacher-turned-adoptive-father was always on hand to support the kids in his class. (Shoutout to Mr. Turner's equally dreamy bestie, media relations teacher Eli Williams.)

Ms. Frizzle (The Magic School Bus)

Ms. Frizzle is one of the most iconic TV teachers: with her thematically appropriate outfits and incredibly thorough teaching methods, she imparted practical lessons with serious imagination.

Mr. Feeny (Boy Meets World)

Mr. Feeny was basically always on the clock: no matter what time of day, he was there to share some words of wisdom that made everything make sense. There are few teachers as dedicated and beloved. Say it with me now: Fee-hee-hee-eeny!

These TV teachers affected not only their fictional students, but the audience watching at home, so they certainly did their job.