7 Old Wive's Tales About Baby Safety That You Can Ignore

by Tessa Shull

Having a baby around often means you'll receive a lot of advice, tips, and comments — whether you want them or not. It can be difficult to decipher what's useful information and what's total bogus, especially when it comes to your newborn's safety. After all, no mom wants to put her child in anger. That's why it helps to know about the old wives' tales about baby safety that are bullsh*t, so you don't waste time worrying about them.

It can be confusing to weed out the truth from the total BS, especially when these tips come from people who have your best interest at heart. And when it comes to your baby's safety, you definitely don't want to mess around. Although some of these "old wives' tales" may have been supported or encouraged at one point in time, new studies and medical advances have proven them wrong.

When trying to decipher which old wives' tales are fact and which are fiction, it may be important to do some research or ask your doctor if you can't find much information. For the ones that are totally out there and definitely not worth listening to, check out the old wives' tales about baby safety below that you can definitely ignore.


Cats Can Steal The Air From A Baby's Mouth

According to Kids Health, cats used to be associated with evil and witchcraft hundreds of years ago. This led people to believe that a cat could suffocate a child by stealing air from them. Rest assured, it's not true. It's anatomically impossible for a cat, or any other animal, to seal a baby's mouth with its own.


You Should Starve A Fever

The old wives' tale was "feed a cold, starve a fever," according to the aforementioned Kid's Health article. That's not, however, a good idea considering both a cold and fever can cause fluid loss. Drinking water, or breastfeeding if a baby isn't quite old enough, will help prevent dehydration if your little one is sick.


Not Wearing A Coat Causes A Cold Or Flu

According to Health, not wearing a coat has little to do with colds and flu. Although those sicknesses do tend to be more prevalent in the winter, they're more often caught inside considering they're a virus.


Going Outside With Wet Hair Causes Colds

Again, the aforementioned Health article shared that colds are caused by viruses. So, if you take your little one out in the cold after a bath with damp hair, it won't cause a cold.


TV Is Bad For Baby's Eyes

According the to the aforementioned Kid's Health article, TV may be bad for temperament and long-term health, but it does not affect your kids eyes. No matter how close to the screen they are, it won't hurt their eyes.


Back Sleeping Will Cause A Baby To Choke

Parents used to put babies to sleep on their stomachs for fear they'd choke if they spit up while laying on their back. Luckily, that's an old wives' tale you can ignore. According to the NICHD, babies have a reflex to automatically cough up fluid or swallow it, which keeps their airways clear.


Adding Cereal To A Bottle Will Help Your Baby Sleep Through The Night

It's a common misconception that cereal in a baby's bottle helps them sleep longer, which would be great for baby and mom's health and sanity. But there's just no evidence to support that cereal at night helps, according to Kelly Mom. In fact, it's actually a choking hazard, can mess with the bottle's nipple, and can take away from milk intake.