7 Old Wives Tales About Soulmates That Are Actually True

Old wives tales can range from fun and silly to downright ridiculous. Some people think that they're not something to be taken seriously because they think that they can't possibly work in real life. The idea that old wives tales are always only superstition, however, might not actually be as true as you thought. There are some old wives tales about soulmates that are actually true and you might be curious to know more about them.

There are old wives tales about so many things, from how to tell what the sex of your baby might be to how to clean and care for your home to self-care ideas. But perhaps the most prevalent and well-known old wives tales have to do with finding your true love and soulmate. There seems to be an old wives tale for how you'll meet your soulmate, how you know you'll end up together, and just about everything else related to falling in love with them. Though some of these old wives tales really probably are more superstition and tradition than anything else, others have a glimmer — or more — of truth to them. When it comes to soulmates, you probably shouldn't believe everything you hear, but you probably shouldn't disregard absolutely everything, either.


Love At First Sight

While it can be difficult for some people to buy into the concept of love at first sight, Dr. Laura Deistch, a licensed clinical professional counselor with a doctorate in human sexuality and relationship expert with Vibrant, tells Romper by email that she believes that it can happen. Whether you end up together forever or not, Deistch says that first impressions and attractions can be the real deal and can, of course, make for a good story.


The Right One Won't Leave

"Your soulmate is on a journey with you and usually won’t leave when the going gets tough," Dr. Paulette Sherman, relationship expert and author of Dating from the Inside Out! says in an email exchange with Romper. "You will learn from going through challenges together and they accept you for good and challenging." If they spook easily at the first sign of conflict or obstacles, they might not be the person for you.


Watch How They Treat The Waitstaff

That old saying about how they treat the waitstaff being how they'll treat you is true, Deistch says. "If they snap their fingers at a waitress, please know they'll eventually snap at you," she explains. Yes, members of the service industries are paid to take care of you, but that doesn't ever mean that you — or your soulmate — should treat them poorly.


You've Known Them Before

Ever feel like you and your soulmate have met before but you can't put a finger on when or how you know them? Sherman says that a lot of psychics might tell you that that's because you knew them in a past life, but she also says that it could be "because you have similar soul energies and it can feel like you gravitate to the same core ideas and values, even without words. These couples often report a feeling of coming home." If meeting your partner felt like "coming home," they just might be your soulmate.


They're Your Other Half

"The wives tale is you are two halves of one soul, so at essence you are similar in key core ways," Sherman says. "Often your soul mate ‘gets you!’ in a deeper way than others." You and your soul mate are complementary people and each understands the other in a way that other people might not. You two just go together. You fit.


Sixty White Horses And One White Mule

OK, bear with me, here. I know that it sounds far-fetched that an old wives tale about seeing 60 white horses and one white mule and then shaking hands with your soulmate sounds like it couldn't possibly be true, but let's dissect this one a little bit more.

"Speaking of horses, those who have experience riding horses know that the premise behind using reins is that horses go the direction their heads are pointing," Ari Hoffman, M.A., L.P.C., a counselor, tells Romper in an email exchange. "Therefore if the rider turns the horses head to the left the horse will go to the left, turn the head right and the horse will go right. Our minds are very similar. For as smart and calculating as we are, our minds are also very suggestible and the direction we turn our minds is the direction the mind will generally go. Therefore, if I tell you that after counting 60 white horses and one white mule you'll marry the man you first shake hands with then your intentions will be quite set toward that end, especially if the man even comes close to your qualifications."

Hoffman also suggests that having this old wives tale in mind can encourage you to work harder at your relationship, which can reinforce the idea that the person you're with is your soulmate.


You Have A Similar Mission In Life

Some soulmates have exactly the same (or at least similar) mission in life and so, when they meet, it can seem kismet. "[O]ften [Twin Flame] soulmates have a similar profession and mission, and come together to help each other accomplish that in the world," Sherman says. Together, the two of you tackle whatever might come your way in an effort to accomplish each and every goal.

Old wives tales aren't always exactly accurate, but some about soulmates really might be have more truth to them than you think.

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