7 Parenting Lessons From Linda Belcher That’ll Make You Feel Alright About Motherhood

If you’re not familiar with the hilarious animated show Bob’s Burgers, here’s a little crash course. Bob and Linda Belcher run a family-style burger restaurant obviously named Bob’s Burgers. Living somewhere in the vague northeast region of America, Bob and Linda are raising their three children: Tina, the fan-fiction loving teenager, Gene, the fart-obsessed middle son, and Louise the mischievous youngest daughter. As with most animated series, the family usually gets into all sorts of crazy shenanigans, and more times than not, the day is saved by kooky Linda’s best parenting moments. Though the restaurant isn’t super successful and they encounter their fair share of challenges, they always seem to find their own uniquely happy ending.

For a fictional television character, the matriarch of the Belcher family is surprisingly relatable to many women. Dealing with her stressed husband, rowdy and sometimes troublesome children, catastrophes at work, and trying to find a little “me time” through it all, Linda is just like most moms. Everyone has their favorite character, and though many identify Tina Belcher as their spirit animal and animated twin, I’ve always loved the sassy personality of Linda. If you want to spice up your mom style and add a little Linda to your life, check out some of her best parenting lessons.


Loosen Up

Linda knows that being a working mom means that you find relaxation wherever you can get it. Sometimes things may not always work out like you had pictured, but take a page out of Linda's book and chill out when things get funky.


Listen To Your Instincts

There only things Linda loves more than wine and dinner theater are her children, and she'll do anything to protect them. Just like Linda, trust your mama bear instincts when it comes to your kids' safety.


Ignore Perfection

Whether it's cleaning the house for guests or making a costume for your kids, Linda knows it doesn't have to be immaculate. Let yourself forget about making things Pinterest-perfect for a minute and just go for it.


Make Kid-Free Time

As much as Linda loves her little ones, she knows the importance of setting limits, too. Have a guilt-free and kid-free night with your partner or by yourself is important for your sanity, and not something you should be sorry about. After all, Linda doesn't.


Stay Positive

Bob and Linda have a classic TV relationship where one is peppy and the other is grumpy. Add a little sunshine to your day, and everyone else's, by being infectiously optimistic. It can't hurt, right?


Be Weird

Linda is never one to shy away from letting her freak flag fly. Sure, her hobbies might be a bit odd, but she doesn't care and neither should you. Be proud of whatever makes you unique, and your kids will learn to do the same.


Embrace You Inner Child

Want a quick way to feel closer with your kids? Do what Linda does by getting on their level and having some fun with them. Go sock-sliding in your house, eat ice cream for dinner, and allow yourself to stop being an adult even if it's just for a little bit.

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