7 Parenting Lessons To Learn From Uncle Jesse, One Of The Originals TV DILFs

by Olivia Youngs

When you think of mature, parental figures on Full House, Danny Tanner probably comes to mind. Jesse Katsopolis doesn't usually rank high on the scale of high quality role models, especially in the beginning of the series. Hilarious? Yes. Good looking? Of course. But maybe not the guy you'd call to babysit your child for you. But, believe it or not, there are some true parenting lessons to be learned from Uncle Jesse, Elvis and motorcycle obsessions aside.

While fans anxiously await the release of Fuller House, it can't hurt to brush up on your Full House-isms as well as learn a few things you may not have known about the characters. Like the fact that Uncle Jesse, despite his bad boy persona and obsession with his (admittedly perfect) hair, is actually a pretty kick ass parent and uncle.

He's easy to laugh and look at, but it's also pretty obvious that he has a big heart and is ultimately a great parent. He's always there for his nieces DJ, Stephanie and Michelle, and after becoming a father to twin boys Alex and Nicky, becomes even more endearing as a father. Here are just a few parenting tips you can steal from everyone's favorite TV uncle, dad, and all around amazing guy.


It's OK To Be The Fun Parent Sometimes

Although he isn't known for his decision making (like changing Michelle's diaper in a roasting pan with tongs), he definitely knows how to have a good time.


Have Mercy

His classic catch line is actually pretty solid advice— though it's probably not what he was going for when he said it. Kids will mess up and the unexpected will happen, but remembering to "have mercy" can save you your sanity.


Don't Take Yourself Too Seriously

If there's one thing Uncle Jesse excelled at, it was making us laugh. From his spot-on Elivs impressions to his shenanigans with his Jesse and the Rippers, Jesse was never scared to have a good time and, most likely, make a fool of himself in the process.


You Don't Have To Loose Your Cool Factor

I mean, the guy had his own record label, a motorcycle and hair so good it could only exist in the '90s.


Being Young Doesn't Mean You're Not A Great Parent

He might not have been fully prepared for parenthood, but then again, who is?


Parents Can Have Goals Too

Jesse was a high school drop out, but through lots of hard work and night classes, earned his diploma. In one scene, Jesse is confessing his fear of being a poor role model to his twins who, of course, respond only with hugs and kisses.


At The End Of The Day, Just Be There

If there's one thing Jesse always had going for him, it's that he was always there— for Rebecca, for the girls, and for his sons.