7 Parenting Lessons To Take From Beyonce, One Truly ***Flawless Mother

Beyoncé Knowles is one of the most famous entertainers in the world. She’s a powerful singer, half of a legendary power couple, and, as we learned via her most recent album, a staunch feminist. But more recently, Beyonce has taken on her biggest role today — mother. As a loving and devoted parent to Blue Ivy Carter, there are plenty of parenting lessons we can learn from Beyoncé.

Amid a colorful Instagram feed of glamour shots and incredible concert stills, adorable and tender photos of Beyoncé and her daughter give us a glimpse into her life as not just a performer, but a mother, too. Her journey through motherhood has made her more down-to-earth and relatable, in that no matter who you are or what kind of crazy successes you’ve had, there’s still a lot to share about what it means to be a mom. We’ve been able to learn a lot from her work so far, as based on her onstage persona, she’s an inspiration, encouraging women everywhere to be strong, proud, and independent. (I mean, who other than Beyonce would sample a TED talk on female empowerment in a song, right?) Now, here’s what she’s taught us about how to raise a kid, ***flawlessly.


Never Underestimate The Importance Of Family

In this beautiful Mother’s Day tribute, Beyoncé posted this throwback photo of herself with her own mom looking just around the same age as Blue Ivy does now. Like mother, like daughter — there is lots learn from your own mom about parenting, especially when you encounter issues you could never have imagined when raising your kid. Being able to ask, “What did you do in this situation, mom?” is a powerful resource that’s always worth remembering.


2. Let Your Kid Enjoy Childhood

As Beyoncé recently told Vogue, she wants Blue Ivy to have a normal childhood, remarking, “School visits and lemonade stands and all that stuff,” she said. “It’s very important for me.” Although preparing them for adulthood is vital, imaginative playtime, as shown in this fun scene here, as well as letting your kid explore and learn on their own is just as important a part of growing up that Knowles doesn’t underestimate.


Being A Hands-On Mom Is Rewarding

Bey often does the cutest, most endearing twinsies photos with her daughter that gently encourage Blue Ivy they’re always on the same team, and that there’s nothing she can’t come running to her mom about. Beyoncé recognizes that playing an active role as a mom is not only beneficial to her child, who gets to feel more special by her involved role, but allows her to learn her child’s nuances and needs, who her friends are, and what activities she’d love to try out.


Let Your Child Be Themselves

Whether they’re a total hippie, a book worm , or someone who loves crawling in the dirt the best way to encourage children to grow and think independently is by letting them explore all the possibilities of who they could be, without restraint (and safely and under their mother’s watchful eye, of course.)


Encourage Your Kid to Be Strong (With a Little Help)

Obviously Beyoncé would have no trouble providing the ultimate role model for Blue Ivy as one of the leading representatives of the women’s empowerment movement. Whether it’s about school bullies, or gossip, or anything that might tear your child down, it’s important for them to develop a healthy backbone and the ability to stand their ground. They don’t have to do it alone, of course, which is where moms come in — lending a hand to help them up whenever they might need it.


Show Off Your Motherly Pride

Our relationship to motherhood can be complicated these days, as women want to show they’re this, that, and the other, and a mom, too. But Beyoncé has no trouble balancing all other aspects of herself with the fact that she’s a proud parent, displaying that side of herself constantly. In spite of conflicting messages you might see in the media, it is worth calling out that you’re a mom, as it is an impressive, kickass role.


You’re Doing The Best You Can

Raising a kid is no joke. Even Beyoncé, one of the strongest women we know, wouldn’t deny that. At the end of the day, you have forgive yourself for the trials you get put through as a parent, and remember that it’s a learning process. Everything you do is done out of your fierce love for your kid, and that’s something no doubt Beyoncé can get behind.

Images: Beyonce (8)/Instagram