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7 Parenting Lessons To Take From Lily Potter

If there's a character from the Harry Potter series that I wish got more page time, it's Lily Potter. She's an important part of the story. I mean, she's the reason you even meet Harry Potter in the first place. Yet much of her is a mystery. But despite the fact that readers never really "meet" Lily, and only know about her through the memories of others, parenting lessons from Lily Potter are easy to find, and even easier to carry with you every day.

At the basis of all of Lily's parenting is love, which was a driving part of the series. As a parent, you want that core value to shine through everything else. And you know what? Some days, it's hard. Some days, it's not easy to be selfless. Some days, it's difficult to lead by example. There are days when you'd rather tell your children to do as you say, not as you do, but that's not something that's in Lily's parenting manifesto. Though her time as a mother was cut too short, too soon, she impressed long lasting lessons on the lives of everyone around her. She made the ultimate sacrifice, and gave everyone around her something to aspire to.

The next time you're in need of a little bit of parenting inspiration, take a trip to the wizarding world, and learn all that you can from Lily Potter.


You Can Be A Great Parent, No Matter Your Age

Lily and James were just 21 years old when they became parents. To some, 21 is an early age to take on another life in your care. But Lily exceeds expectations, and manages to create a beautiful existence for Harry, even in the darkest of times. It's not your age, it's what you do with your experience that matters.


You Will Sacrifice For Your Child

If there's anything Lily Potter taught parents everywhere, it's that you will sacrifice for your child. Both Lily and her husband James sacrificed their lives for their child, and while I hope you never have to face such a devastating act, Lily showed that the bond between a parent and a child is strong enough to transcend even the greatest of sacrifices.


You Won't Always Get The Last Say

You know what one of the most poignant lessons Lily has to offer winds up being? That your children grow up and make their own decisions, without you. Granted, Lily's time with her son was cut extremely short. But that does to show that you don't always get the last say in your child's decisions, in the way they live their life. You prepare them for what you can, and then you have to let them go.


Your Love Is Paramount

Beyond any gift you can give your children, the gift of love is by far the greatest. Do you think Harry would've found the strength to defeat Voldemort if he hadn't had Lily's love with him every day? Methinks not. Your love is what gives a child their strength, and it's what they need the most.


Your Actions Are The Greatest Teacher

Harry wasn't old enough to remember his mother's actions, but everyone who knew the story of Lily Potter passed it along to her son. Her actions, her self sacrifice, and her kindness all helped shape Harry and his decisions, even posthumously.


You Have More Courage Than You Know

Being a parent can be absolutely terrifying. But the truth is this: You have more courage than you know. Lily had more courage than she knew when she was faced with Voldemort, when faced with a life or death situation. Although most situations you find yourself in as a parent won't be as drastic, you can still hold onto Lily's courage when you need to find your own.


You Should Never Stop Trying

When it seemed like the whole world was against her, Lily kept trying. She didn't give up or give in to the dark side. She stuck to her guns. She believed that there was a better tomorrow out there, and even though she didn't get to see it herself, she tried, and tried, and because of that? Her son lived in that better tomorrow she believed in.